Pat Metheny at Troy Music Hall. On a lovely fall evening, it seemed appropriate to hit the wayback machine.  Things have changed over the 30 plus years since last I’d seen Pat Metheny.  We’ve all gotten older, perhaps put on a couple pounds and gone grey.  All these things can likely be said about Pat.  […]

Extraordinary. Exceptional. Enthralling. Pat Metheny’s compositions, arrangements and guitar work dazzled a rapt audience at the Troy Saving Bank Music Hall for his latest solo tour. This was a show where you could hear a pin drop, and it was clear the fans were ready to relish Metheny’s technical wizardry translated to a range of […]

Ben Bailey at the Cohoes Music Hall. Ben Bailey is a big (like tall and big) man.  He is also a very funny man. Most folks know him from Cash Cab – which ran for 15 years and is still a staple in the land of re-runs.  Being funny and keeping a hack license in […]

Reading (and Writing) is Fundamental – the Albany Book Festival at UAlbany, 9/23/23 by Dean Giagni. I always find it heartening and inspiring seeing the gym busy and packed with people on holidays. These people would be there regularly if they could and they’ve chosen a holiday or a vacation day where they’re supposed to […]

Yo La Tengo review by Josh Reedy. Yo La Tengo – I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (1997) My copy: 2015 reissue by Matador. Though most people preferred the other 1997 album to prominently feature a major highway on its cover, I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One is still widely regarded […]

Buried Child: American Gothic – The Exploration of Family and Identity at Albany Civic Theater by Joanna Peterson Palladino-Resnick It’s thrilling that Albany Civic Theater has chosen to perform Buried Child, Sam Shepard’s 1978 Pulitzer Prize winning play that explores the breakdown of the 20th century American nuclear family.  In a 1996 American Theater interview […]

This past Saturday, the mighty Fishbone took the stage closing out the annual PearlPalooza event to an enthusiastic crowd of festival goers. Fishbone has had a lengthy career spanning four decades, beginning as part of the third wave ska movement and early alternative rock scene in 1980’s Los Angeles. Fishbone brings a spectacular blend of […]

Everyone Has Time for Noise – Dippers at Belltower Records with Sky Furrow and Luxor Rentals at Belltower Records, North Adams, MA, September 15, review by Dean Giagni Belltower Records is known for hosting shows inside at their North Adams’ store located in a re-purposed mill dating to 1832, and outside in this little no-man’s […]

Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler / The Dream EP  (2011) Review by Joshua Reedy on Blue Cadet-3 A Music Blog My copy: 2022 reissue on magenta vinyl by In The Red Recordings. Twelfth studio album from ever-recording maniacs that make up Thee Oh Sees (or now just Oh Sees), Carrion Crawler / The Dream […]

Dippers interview by Dean Giagni Talk about the differences in making this record with just the two of you versus the four members in Thigh Master: Matt Ford: The way that we’ve approached making the music is different. It used to be four people in a room kind of learning the songs on the spot, […]

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