Kilashandra went out as a 4 piece on Clinton Square in front of McGeary’s in Albany on Friday, May 24th. Photography by Timothy Reidy. More from Timothy Reidy…

On Monday, June 5th, Jim Gaudet performed at McGeary’s in Albany. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

McGeary’s in Allbany hosted Soul Sky, Charlie Smith Band, and Matt Mirable among various other players missing our fine blues player. Photography Reidy.

Photography Buy: Tim Reidy

Photography By: Tim Reidy

Editor’s Note: Caroline “MotherJudge” Isachsen passed on Saturday, March 9th, 2019. This article was written about her benefit event, while she was still alive. We feel that this should not be changed, and is presented “as is.”  Coming together… It is just the thing that one must do when one of their own is overcoming […]

We’ve all heard music that was so unique, we knew, after the first bar of that first song, that we’d recognize them any time we might hear them in the future. That can be good or bad, of course. But when I first heard the music of Niki Chaos, and her band Bleak Little World, […]

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