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24 Hours of Punk January 31, 2020





Weekly Programming

Good Morning

Monday through Friday, mornings, 9 am- Noon   

Join Art Fredette for less mouth and more music! Providing the soundtrack to your workday, Art’s here to bring you new music, debuts, B-sides, tributes, live tracks and special guests.  Enjoy more musical variety than anyone as you grab your daily cup of get up and go. Start with Art in the morning!

Art will play a rare  Bruce Springsteen cover song by unique and talented musicians.

Tuesday Tributes

Tuesday night from 6 pm to 7 pm

Art Fredette’s back on Tuesdays to spin an hour of one artist. Whether it’s paying tribute, celebrating a birthday, enjoying a timeless album, observing musical history or just paying respect to those no longer with us, tune in for Tuesday Tributes!

Radio Radio X with Art Fredette


Afternoon – Midday

Monday through Friday, Noon to 6 pm.

Join Ralph Renna as he steers the pirate ship, raiding the airwaves for sweet sonic booty. New stuff, old stuff, rare sounds and all-around good times await your crawl to your local happy hour. 

The Local Lunch

Weekdays, Noon to 1 pm

For lunch, Ralph Renna serves up an hour of homegrown music. The Local Lunch features all the heavy-hitting upstate New York artists of yesterday and today, with a guarantee that all the newest local music plays here first. At work or play, come help us support local music every day!  What’s growing in your backyard is ready to be harvested and served up, farm-to-table for your local lunch!  Sponsored by Corcoran’s Towpath Tavern, Waterford N.Y.



Friday Nights, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 

Celebrating over 30 years in radio, Ralph Renna takes over the station, playing deeper cuts, pushing the boundaries and twisting the arm of formatted radio. Local musicians check in with updates while Ralph shares great stories spanning the past three decades of his career. From Sinatra to Sick Of It All, Snoop to Willie, Elvis to Motorhead – anything goes on Friday nights with Shuffle!

Radio Radio X with Ralph Renna


Vito Ciccarelli

Saturday Nights, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm




Monday Nights, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm/Sundays Noon-2:00pm

For over 50 years the legendary Jim Barrett has been your pilot on this cosmic journey through time and music. Kaleidoscope has taken you into the past and shoved you into the future. Turn on, tune in and make this your headphones only show.  Reflect on yesterday with iconic stories, lived and narrated only by one man and his Kaleidoscope!


Radio Radio X with Jim Barrett


New to  Radio Radio X 



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