Seventeen Sets of Twins Welcomed in Colonial School District – by Liam Sweeny. Colonial School district with be welcoming seventeen sets of twins between its three school. There’s something in the water. Gotta be something in the water. Or is it more than that? The article I’m reading is all “Yay! Isn’t that neat!” I […]

They’ll Slap You For Cash – by Liam Sweeny. Ingenuity is dead. As soon as something unique becomes cool, they shut it down. Or it gets too big tor keep itself sorted. Well, weary travelers. I will give you the eulogy of the Shachihoko-ya Slap. Shachihoko-ya is fine culinary establishment in Nogoya, Japan. It was […]

Turkey Dump and the Most Popular Time to Dump Someone – by Liam Sweeny. It sucks to get dumped. I haven’t been dumped in a while, but that goes with not having a girlfriend in a while, one of the few benefits besides being able to sleep in your bed with all of the covers. […]

A Little Christmas Sizzle – by Liam Sweeny. As you know, I faithfully trawl the weird parts of the internet to find you stories to whet your curious whistles. And I’ll admit, my titles aren’t great, basic, plain, you know, saving the sizzle for an extra portion of the steak. But this particular headline has […]

Shichi-Go-San – Dog Blessed – by Liam Sweeny. A disturbing story out of Japan. It’s not the one where Godzilla went on strike; that was last week, and talks are ongoing. This story, oddly enough, is about blessings at a shrine for children ages three, five, and seven – as the ritual’s name, Shichi-Go-San, translates […]

Project CDAP – Minority Report Live! – by Liam Sweeny. Who saw Minority Report? Did you? Wasn’t that crazy, arresting people because they were going to commit crime? Hey, you want to see it again? They’re putting on a live version in the UK in about three years. It’s called Project CDAP, and it is […]

Interview: Brett Glasser (The Kids of Albany)  By: Rob Smittix RRX: It seems pretty exciting. So it’s not just a Halloween time celebration anymore. It looks like we got a Rocky Horror Christmas show coming up as well. So I figured, hey,let’s chat about it a little bit. This is to be held December 12th […]

Jung Yoo-jung – True Crime in Action – by Liam Sweeny. If you drew a Venn diagram of all that’s weird, and all that’s macabre, there’d be huge overlap. Yeah, once in a while you find Barry the steak-loving heifer or the monkey who will slap your nuts if you give him a quarter, but […]

Windham Trash Diamonds – by Liam Sweeny. Windham, New Hampshire is a place for lovers. At least it’s the place for the accoutrements of lovers. When a woman threw her ring in the trash, (of course, not on purpose,) it should’ve been lost forever. But a frantic call to Windham General Services sent as army […]

The Self-Governing Tree – by Liam Sweeny. In the city of Athens in the great state of Georgia, there is a corner of the streets Dearing and Finley, and upon the intersection of these two fine streets stands a white oak that towers over a plaque bearing the following proclamation; “FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION OF […]

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