Most logical folks with a heart and a brain want peace and this time specifically peace in Ukraine. But what can us regular local civilians actually do to help? Well, a local restaurant (Nanola) will be helping by fundraising and spreading awareness this Sunday in Malta, New York. From Noon until 3pm you are invited […]

This is not a restaurant review. This is a pastrami review.  Why drive two hours or so round trip from the Capital District just to eat a sandwich that you can find on the menu at many local places? Tender, smokey, peppery, house made pastrami. The smoker is on the left side of the diner. […]

It is the cusp of spring, and here at Xperience it is the time we break out the barbecues and the sun tan lotion – doesn’t hurt to show up early. Featuring Glen David Andrews, Rick Barton and Michelle Moyer, and, of course…. more. Xperience March 2022 Issue – Digital Edition

The sound of laughter, singing and instruments is more than music to my ears . Music and comedy are much alike . They are both auditory and visual mediums .They require timing , rhythm ,intros and can be improvisational .They can be like quick jab or be a story that is told. Many songs have […]

No Fun was the scene of an old fashioned Hootenanny last Friday when Hey Greasy Presents brought a triple header of diverse country music to the large crowd which stood and danced on their beautiful checkered floor!  In Mtns opened, a cosmic country band with local roots and a psychedelia acidy guitar sound. Ma’ Am […]

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