The Loud Hours Past Playlists 2/28/19

Written by on March 1, 2019

(THE LOUD HOURS) a weekly 2 hour Metal Radio show on  Thursdays 8:00-10:00pm.  We play classic metal, new and old, all genres. We feature a hardcore block, Punk stop!, Hair metal moment and feature at least 2 local (L) bands per hour. In weeks to come with guest hosts and interviews.  

Ralph Renna

playlist 2/28/19
Girth Control -Ralph Renna -L
Sadus -Sick
Overkill – Distortion
Twitching Tounges- In love there is no law
Wisdom in Chains-dragging me down
Leeway- pusher
Faster Pussycat- Where there is a Whip There is a way
Killswitch Engage-Fixation on the Darkness
Prong -Broken Peace
The Final Sleep- As We Leave the Flesh -L
Ministry- Missippi Queen
The Plasmatics-the damned
White Chapel-third depth
Sepultura- Slave New World
In Flames-I am above
Skid Row- Psycho Love
Violent By Design-The Opresser -L
Johnny Booth-Assymetrical -L
The Promise- The Kiss Off
Shadows Fall-a fire in babylon
Beartooth- Bad Listener
Frozen Sun- Barbarian -L
Talas- Sink Your Teeth into That
Mastadon Shadows that Move

The loud hours playlist 2-21-19
The Acacia Strain – Combine
Brick By Brick – Hive Mentality L
Brick By Brick -Toe to Toe L
Brick By Brick- Slave To The Grind L
Judas Priest – Firepower
Judas Priest – No Surrender
Leftover Crack -Rock the 40 oz
100 Demons – Repeat process
Skinless -skinless L

Suicidal Tendencies-Give It Revolution
Candiria – Temple of Sickness
Mordwolf -Machine of War L

Dragonforce-Through the fire &the Flames
Sanctuary-Future Tense
Tyranize -Necrolingus L
War-Time Manner- Whos blood L
Ratt- what you give is what you get
Beartooth-Bad listener
White Chapel- Black Bear
The Sword -Cheap Sunglasses
Cro-mags -Hard times
Metallica- Creeping Death


Playlist Thursday February 14, 2019 8:00pm-10:00pm

Mastodon -Shadows that move 
Overkill- Last man standing 
Jonny Booth-  Asymmetrical  (L)
H2O -What happened 
Ramallah- Kill a celebrity 
3 inches of blood -Man of fortune 
Type O Negative -Everyone I love is dead Wildside -Hang on Lucy 
Dillinger escape plan -43% Burnt
Faith no more -The real thing
7 seconds -We’re going to flight Concrete -Fair warning (L)

Section 8- divinity of loneliness (L)
Down -Stained glass cross 
Lost Horizen-Heart of storm
Kingdom of sorrow -Buried in black
Ratt- You’re in trouble
Behemoth -For all kings
Death Angel -Hatred united United hated Scavengers -Not immortal -L
Unearth one with the sun
Nausea Cyber God
Anthrax -This battle chose us
Unida -Thorn



Thursday February 7, 2019 
The Loud Hours 

Slayer- seasons in the abyss
White Chapel – black bear

Violence by design -the oppressor (L)

Deathbeforedishonor-born from misery
Sick of it all -inner visionCandlemass with Tony Iommi-Astrolous the great octopus
Beartooth – Bad Listener

(Hair Metal Moment)
Dokken -kiss of deathIron maiden -7th son of the 7th son
Frozen Sun – barbarian (L)(PUNK Stop!)
The Exploited – beat the bastard

Pantera -5 minutes alone

Parkway Drive -old ghost new regrets
The Final Sleep-as we leave the flesh (L)
Gojira- explosie
Hatebreed -destroy everything
The Promise -The kiss off
Born Low -blinded eye (L)
Ghost Ship Octavius -bleeding on th ehorns
Only Living Witness- deeds pride

Ministry- roadhouse blues

Misfits – where eagles dare

Metallica -sabbra caddabra



Thursday February 7, 2019 8-10 pm
Every Thursday 8-10pm The Loud Hours with Ralph Renna






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