What do Conan O’Brien, The Simpsons, and Mike Trash have in common?  Apparently, a band name.  The Erotics are Albany’s home-grown answer to The Andrews Sisters.  They’re not only prettier, but they play rock and roll like nobody’s business. Clever, irreverent lyrics growled over classic rock riffs, their songs are all orgasm and no foreplay.  […]

RRX: MIke Skill is one of the founders of The Romantics and has a brand new record coming out called “Skill……Mike Skill” Mike: That’s right. I felt it was time to actually get my name out there and display what I’ve got. A lot of people call me “Skill” anyway. RRX: And everybody calls me […]

Jeff Moore is co-owner of Peak Music Studios in Latham where he has been teaching guitar, voice and songwriting since 2017. Currently, he is knee-deep in developing two new mobile singing applications, My Singing Coach and Singers Checkup. RadioRadioX got the back story on this local business’ foray into the intersection between music and technology. […]

RRX: Who are the members of King Sized Bishop and what role do each of you play in the band? Jacob Shneiderman – Guitar + Vox Bram Silbert – Drums Ezra Hecht – Bass + Vox RRX: How did King Sized Bishop (KSB) and it’s sound come about? KSB: The founding members of King Sized […]

RRX: You’re putting on a Low Dough Show at the Cohoes Music Hall on September 11th, with Mike and the Monsters, Johnny Rabb’s Big Band, and the Tichy Boys. That’s quite a lineup. What can a concert goer expect when they get there? JM: Well, it is the twenty-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s […]

When we watch the latest blockbuster, we can become hypnotized with special effects, dazzled by A-list names and our minds soaked in rave reviews, but when we break those movies down, what else did they give us beyond a couple of hours of mind candy? Ourselves is a movie that asks a deep question, one […]

Bailey Bennett is the exceedingly kind, humble and eloquent mastermind behind several mostly unnamed solo experimental noise projects. On top of using twisted tape loops to create churning, stunning walls of texture with which to accompany himself; Bennett also lives in and operates an intimate basement venue in New Paltz alongside several similarly talented roommates. […]

Superman, Batman, Captain America, The Punisher, X-Men. All names that used to be known only to the comic book and movie geeks, now have become mainstream, even an eighty-year-old woman could tell you who Batman is. I recently sat down with Marvel comic book artist; John Hebert. We discussed his career and early start in […]

Coming up on August 14th, Linda Gail Lewis will be stopping by to the Hangar on the Hudson in Troy, NY as part of her northeast tour, backed by The Lustre Kings. If you aren’t familiar with Linda, she is the sister of Jerry Lee Lewis. While her brother is considered to be rock n […]

Everybody has a favorite band. Well, if you like music enough, you have a favorite band. You may have worn their record or tape or CD to death, if you’re of an age to have had those things. My band was Mahavishnu Orchestra (MO), a jazz fusion band of amazing talent that lasted just a […]

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