We reached out to Casey Polomaine, Executive Director of Albany Barn. As follows… RRX: Albany Barn had its origins in something called Rock2Rebuild, which harnessed the power of music to raise money for the 2004 Southeastern tsunami. That was a massive event that was soon forgotten, soon for the magnitude of it. How did that […]

We reached out to the band Black Belt Jones, who will be appearing at Rock and Oddities Con on October 28th and 29th. This is our conversation. RRX: You all have a great sound. I’m listening to something a little bluesy right now, “Jupiter Queen.” So I see your bio, and holy s**t, you have […]

We reached out to Peter Pallis of the band AnAkA, who will be playing at the upcoming Rock and Oddities Con. This is their story. RRX:  I’m listening to the song “Ominous Visions” on your site. I love the concept, the graphics. And in metal, the apocalypse is never far from being at hand. Ruin, […]

In this edition of Thanks for Asking, we interview Anna Mernieks of the band Beams. Interview by Liam Sweeny. RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is the origin story for the band? (points if you tell it like a comic book origin.) AM: In the sleepy suburb of Brampton, Ontario, local […]

Naomi Bindman. I first met Naomi Bindman at a small open mic in Troy. As soon as she told her story, I felt as if an ice pick had been driven through my heart. Naomi had tragically lost her daughter, Ellen, the week after she graduated from high school in a car crash. As a […]

RRX: You are Old North End. I’m guessing that it has to do with some area, maybe in Burlington. But I can imagine all I want. Better to get it from you. What does Old North End refer to? And was it an obvious choice for a name, or was it something that everybody mulled […]

With Rock and Oddities Con coming in the end of October, we thought we’d pre-game with the band Lock 9. So we had questions. RRX: So let’s get caught up, first. You had an EP released in July, titled, accordingly, “ReLEASE.” I’m listening to one of the tracks on it, “Nowhere.” It’s got a really […]

We ask the band Speedy Ortiz six timeless questions. Their reply was speedy. RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is the origin story for the band? (points if you tell it like a comic book origin.) Sadie: In the year 2003 I was papercut by a jagged button on a Tascam […]

From the depths of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg to be exact), comes a brutal sound that you’ll love to hate and hate to love, probably a little more the second than the first. We bring you an exclusive interview with the band, Suicide Puppets. RX: You’re from Harrisburg, PA and you tour nationally. And you have a […]

GLENS FALLS – You may have heard before the old adage “Violence is not the answer”, and perhaps there are a lot of cases where this might be good advice. However, in this particular case we’re not talking about that blowhard who stole your favorite parking spot or the person at the show who gave […]

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