Well, it is that time again… time to present to you, loyal readers, the fruit of our month’s labors. And so without further hesitation, we give to you the April 2020 Xperience Digital Edition. Simply click the cover. It’s in PDF format, and it’s a little big, because we filled it with love.  

Luke McNamee and friends performing “Pomp and Quarantine” at various locations in Troy.

Join us for the Monday Rebroadcast of The Glenn Slingerland Situation, Memorial Day edition, featuring music from Graham Reynolds, Brazilian Girls, and Jef Stott. Situation star Katelyn discovers strange occurrences on Route 67, star Amity’s life comes to a full Stop, star Juli is marooned in the desert, and Comedian Aaron David Ward is found […]

We were incredibly happy living in Santa Cruz.  We’d finally found a place that felt like home.  However, that soon changed.  I’ve always had prophetic dreams.  I’ve often dreamed about people’s deaths at the time that they are dying.  I’ve also gotten warnings in dreams about things that were avoidable.  It’s been both helpful and […]

Once again, we have the Glenn Slingerland Situation – Monday Rebroadcast, featuring music from Stephan Thelen, Damien Jurado, and Bryan Ferry. Situation star Amity leads a Situation Amphitheater Squad, star Katelyn goes Random Fearless, star Emily is on the Hudson and Comedian Aaron David Ward goes subterranean.  

http://goodtimes.sc/cover-stories/earthquake-walking-tour/ In addition to driving or hitchhiking to San Francisco for music, there was plenty of music right near our home in and around Santa Cruz. The center of activity was the Pacific Avenue pedestrian mall. This was the major hangout spot. There was always music there. There were always buskers (street musicians). I once […]

Welcome to the Monday Rebroadcast of the Mother’s Day edition of the Glenn Slingerland Situation, featuring music from Lip Talk, Cosmic Trigger, and Jack Bruce. Situation star Katelyn is perched over a waterfalls, star Amity is in a castle, star Casey travels Silver Rails, and Comedian Aaron David Ward socially isolates at another undisclosed location. […]

He was the originator, not the imitator. He was the Georgia Peach. He was the prettiest person in Rock and Roll. Little Richard, the True King of Rock and Roll, is Dead. Richard was born Richard Penniman on December 5th in Macon, Georgia, and among his musical influences were Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Mahalia Jackson. […]

One of the best things about living on the west coast in the 1970’s was the music.  We saw the best shows there.  Paul and I had been “Deadheads” for a while before making it west.  So far, we’d only seen east coast shows.  The Grateful Dead was a San Francisco band.  We didn’t follow […]

Welcome to Xperience’s Monday Rebroadcast of the Glenn Slingerland Situation. On an El Cinco De Mayo edition of The Glenn Slingerland Situation: Chris Joss, Steven Wilson, and Papadosio are featured. Katelyn gets her kicks on Route 66, Ann discovers that she’s Nowhere Now, Amity is banished from a Situation Squad, and Comedian Aaron David Ward […]

While living in Santa Cruz, we met all kinds of unique characters.  There was a hippie couple with a baby girl very close in age to our daughter.  Jewel and I became new mom companions.  We were both young and newly settled there and were both staying at home with our babies while our partners […]

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