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Photography By: Tim Reidy  

The Strand is a beautiful state of the art, historical theatre nestled in the heart of Hudson Falls, New York and on Tuesday November 15th you certainly would’ve wanted to be a face in the crowd, for sure. John Waite returned to the stage with his No Brakes Band and he packed the house as […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy  

Naughter’s on 5th Ave. in Troy bills itself as a “neighborhood diner” and that’s what it is – kind of.  Sure, they have some of the basics – eggs, home fries, and toast; hotcakes, a cheeseburger, a tuna melt – you would expect to see at any diner, but there is something else going on […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

Photography By: Tim Reidy I was very much looking forward to taking my wife out for a nice dinner last Friday night followed by an enchanted evening at The Egg to see Joan Osborne in concert. Well, she ended up having to watch our grandbaby so I ended up taking Tim Reidy, one of our […]

Ani DiFranco w/ The Righteous Babes Revue: Gracie and Rachel, Holly Miranda  & Jocelyn Mackenzie 11/11/2022 at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall In a music hall, in a city… Ani DiFranco and her Righteous Babe Review captivated a packed house on a rainy Friday night in Troy. The weather didn’t deter her many fans, and […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy  

Photography by: Tim Reidy  

RRX: Well, it’s nice to finally talk to the man behind the jazz scene. JB: I would say I’m the man in front of the jazz scene. RRX: That’s a better way to put it, yeah. JB: I think everybody knows, the cat’s out of the bag. RRX: It is and you are really bringing […]

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