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The Sugar Hold drops by the RadioRadioX studios to discuss Weedstock 420 at No Fun and More! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE!  

JESSE SAMPLE’S FREAK OF THE WEEK is aired EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8pm Eastern on  This is Jesse Sample. There is something special about going for a walk. You are forgoing the ease and speed of modern vehicles and taking your place in the ancient community of most people for most of history. We walk. […]

Saturday April 13th was a hopping night in Downtown Albany. Please take note Rebecca Lobo of ESPN! Even the Monster Trucks including Grave Digger were tearing it up at the MVP Arena down the street. It is rare that my 16 year old son Ian wants to do anything with his Dad these days but […]

Abe Ovadia & Ben Reubens Perform at Waterford Public Library Little did jazz guitarist Abe Ovadia know that his gig at the Waterford Public Library would take him back to the source of one of his “ah ha” childhood moments. Prior the their performance, Abe was browsing the library’s CD collection and pulled out one […]

Photos By: Nate Black JxB Photography Words By: Rob Smittix Thursday night (4/10/2024) I (Rob Smittix) attended the Colin Hay concert at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and I’ve got to say, if you weren’t there, you missed out on something very special. Colin Hay is most known for his hit music with his band […]

JESSE SAMPLE’S FREAK OF THE WEEK Airs EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8pm Eastern on! This is Jesse Sample. Pop Quiz? How many groups of people do you know of that believe it will all come to an end on a specific date or around a specific  event? There’s too many to count.  Whether these beliefs […]

Chris Sanders dropped by to play some original tunes in the RadioRadioX lobby! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE!

JESSE SAMPLE’S FREAK OF THE WEEK airs on EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8pm Eastern! I run with a 6-piece group. We go as Black Mountain Symphony, and it is a fiddle driven Rock-n-Roll band. But more important, we are friends and taking the time to speak the language of music with each other is something […]

RadioRadioX DJs Peggy of Troy and Jessie in the 518 Team Up to cover Johnny Cash’s version of the NIN classic “Hurt” SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel HERE!

Interview: Ordinary Elephant By: Rob Smittix Ordinary Elephant with Carolyn Shapiro at The Linda – WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio Sunday April 7th -7pm PURCHASE TICKETS HERE! RRX: All right. So I got you both of you on the line, both Crystal and Pete. This is cool. How’s today treating you? PD: Oh, it’s a beautiful […]

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