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Photography By: Stephanie J. Bartik

Photography By: Stephanie J. Bartik

In the world of tribute acts, many of whom are quite good, there are a few that really stand out.  What sets them apart from the usual suspects is their ability to play their respective concerts as if the original artists themselves were performing the show live.  Many other acts will take a note for […]

Recap/Photos By: Ed Conway On a fine Saturday night, for mid March anyway, a hard rockin’ band from Toronto made a visit to the Hangar.  I first saw the Ichi-Bons at the recent Ameripolitan Music Weekender & Award festival in Memphis, Tennessee, where they were nominated for Ameripolitan Rockabilly Group 2023.  I was blown away […]

I’ve been looking forward to seeing my new favorite comedian Marcus Monroe perform for weeks now. I discovered this comedian/juggler for myself recently through his hilarious Facebook reels and low and behold I then realized that Marcus was bringing his act to our area. I recently interviewed Marcus for our blog to help throw our […]

I suck at writing articles. If any truth ever came from these keys on this keyboard, it is that. I’m awful. They always come out like essays. I even took a journalism course in college. But I took a lot of things in college, so I don’t remember it. So if you’ll indulge me, maybe […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

Hmmmm, I went to an art exhibit and a concert showed up, or was it, I went to a concert and an art exhibit that showed up? It was, in fact, both.  What kind of crazed mind would think that Grateful Dead music would go well with an immersive exhibit of Van Gogh?  Well, what […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

RRX: It’s funny because I put you in my phone as a contact and I accidentally called Matt Malone instead of Marcus Monroe at first. Sorry Matt Malone. MM: That’s so funny. RRX: But we’ve goy you now, so how are you? MM: I’m doing well man. I just had a late night last night […]

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