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Happy New Year! Fingers crossed this year will be better than last. Funny, we said that last year, how did that work out? Let’s just hope. I start off this column with a question for those who are old farts like me. Not looking for an answer, but maybe it’s crossed your mind as well […]

Welcome to Mondo Rock ‘n Rolla! Let’s talk about rock ‘n roll records. Obscure rock ’n roll records to be precise.  It’s the stuff you’ve probably never heard but should have. For instance, a ragtag band of forgotten losers from the forsaken hills of Arizona called Phil and the Frantics. Phil wore a saxophone around […]

Surf rock is a very fun kind of music. It’s energetic, irreverent, and it’s persisted throughout the decades. Its guitar sounds are iconic, you can hear it mixed with three other musics at the same time and you’ll be able to pick it out. And its transcended beach and board to become a true facet […]

RRX: We’re speaking with Carole Pope.  Thanks so much for your time. CP: Glad to be here. RRX: You were born in England and moved to Canada and subsequently all  around.  When did you start to become interested in music and the arts? CP: I think that started when I was nine. I don’t know. […]

I had the great pleasure of seeing Soul Sky at the Rustic Barn 01/07/2022, it had been a long time since I have seen them play.  Watching them play together I can tell they enjoy what they do and vibe off of each other’s jams.  They incorporate a mix of originals and covers that leave […]

Saturday January 8th at Pauly’s Hotel in Albany, a cancer benefit was held with music from veteran party rockers Harmony Rocks and newcomers Rockslide. Harmony Rocks is a 5 piece local band that plays an array of 60s to 90s music, genres include rock, country and blues. A talented band fronted by Norm Fraim with […]

I woke up recently and realized that I’ve spent the past 53 years in the music business. Holy Keith Richards Batman!!     I’ve been lucky enough to have worked over the years as a player, manager, event organizer, promoter, and radio host. The only thing I missed is manning the sound board (no easy task), and […]

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