Top Ten Fake Books – David James Keaton Sometime around last year, I realized I’ve been steadily losing my ability to read due to a decade of rampant, attention-span-destroying internet usage. This became even clearer to me when, for the first time in my life, I found it impossible to come up with a year-end […]

Albany Civic Theater’s The Minutes Turns Tedious Small Town Politics Into a Fun Night of Theater Politics start at home and The Minutes, by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tracy Letts, explores how big egos in small town politics can have a lasting impact on our how we see our hometown and the stories we share […]

Red House Painters – Down Colorful Hill – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (1992) My copy: 2015 reissue by 4AD. After bringing their brooding, emotional take on independent rock to San Francisco, Red House Painters managed to impress 4AD boss Ivo Watts-Russell with a lengthy demo tape that contained selections that would appear on their […]

Jon Spencer – No Fun, Sun. Feb 11th – Review – by Dean Giagni. It’s like Elvis for Hipsters, Jon Spencer at No Fun, Sunday February 11, 2024 – by Dean Giagni If I had a dollar for every howl, grunt and “whoooo yeahhh” that Jon Spencer throated into the mic for 90 minutes on […]

Can – Future Days (1973) – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. My copy: 2014 remastered reissue by Spoon Records. Damo Suzuki’s fourth and final release with Can, Future Days sees the kraut-rock poster-children move into a new realm of contemplative ambient tones; their lengthy jamming now removed from corrosive sound experiments so as to focus […]

IN CONCERT: Will Bernard’s Freelance Subversives @ Live at The Falcon, Marlboro – by J Hunter. 02/03/24 Unfortunately, the one thing you still need to get the full spectrum of music in RadioradioxLand is a car that gets good gas mileage: The fact is, despite new venues and altered booking policies, the best acts (in […]

Duster – Duster – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2019) My copy: 2019 press by Muddguts Records. 19 years had passed since Duster’s last transmission, though their cult influence on independent music spheres had only grown in this gap. Perhaps a renewed interest in slowcore and shoegaze drew Duster back down to the Earth; either way, […]

Dream Syndicate – Review – 1/20/24 – by Tara Davis. I wanted to go down to the City to see The Dream Syndicate, one of my all-time favorite bands –ever. I know, for anyone who knows me, admittedly I have quite a few all-time favorites. Still. I had missed them and regretted it when they […]

The Holydrug Couple – Moonlust – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2015) My copy: 2015 press by Sacred Bones Records. Chilean duo The Holydrug Couple had already released an LP for Sacred Bones in 2013, though follow-up Moonlust managed to attract a much larger audience with boosted production and a heavier emphasis on chillwave-meets-psychedelic-rock. Falling […]

Vixen Lights Up the Strand Theater – by Michael Bruce. Before I get into Vixen in 2023, let’s go back to 1988.  The all-female rock band’s self-titled first album, ‘Vixen’, came out that year and turned a lot of heads.  However, as the story goes, many thought, (in a world full of male rock bands […]

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