Death Grips – The Money Store – Album Review – by Joshua Reedy. Death Grips – The Money Store (2012) My copy: 2018 reissue by Epic. Regardless of how one feels about Death Grips, the sensation they generated through the internet was easily a defining moment for alternative music in the 2010s. Where Ex Military […]

Oneohtrix Point Never – Again – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2023) My copy: 2023 limited press on orange transparent vinyl by Warp Records. Having built a strong reputation across a multitude of electronic projects, Daniel Lopatin now cashes in on his modern influence to compile what is likely his most ambitious project yet. Spanning […]

Brian Kane Trio – Friday Night Block Party – Twisted Fiddler – by Liam Sweeny. It’s 6pm and I’m full of linguini alfredo, home cooked, and because of that I’m full of vim and vigor, and an outright taste for some sweet music and groovy people. That’s where the Twisted Fiddler comes in. Or really […]

Cherubs – Heroin Man – Review by Joshua Reedy. (1994) My copy: 2023 limited reissue on hot pink vinyl by Brutal Panda Records. Heroin Man is probably the greatest (or at least most underrated) example of the 90s alternative zeitgeist – in that their drunken, cantankerous persona reflects an obsession with the extreme; from destructive […]

Saratoga Comic Con – May 4th and 5th – Review – by Ian Losz. It’s been some years since I have attended a comic convention.  You see, I used to attend many of the biggest ones … as an artist. I sat shoulder to shoulder with some of the most iconic comic book artists of […]

High Rise II – High Rise – Album Review – by Joshua Reedy. High Rise – High Rise II (1986) My copy: 2018 reissue by Black Editions. Following the aptly titled Psychedelic Speed Freaks for which they were once named, Japanese psych/hard-rock band High Rise doubled down on their maniacal, unyielding sound with this 30-minute […]

Nils Frahm – Graz – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2021) My copy: 2021 press by Erased Tapes Records. Submitted as a thesis by the name Conversations For Piano And Room, Nils Frahm intentionally toys with anticipation and time to create thought-provoking vignettes of frequently haunting melody. Graz does require patience and appreciation for solo […]

PapaSweenBean’s Friday Night – 4.26 – by Liam Sweeny. Tonight, I went out, as I always do on a Friday night, to catch a few shows. And I started out with a real loser. No, just stop. How could you think I would ever call a musician that? The loser was in my shirt pocket. […]

An Appreciation of The Local Saugerties (with a review of the Alexa Tarantino Quartet) – by J Hunter. Normally, when your plate is full, you don’t try and stack even more on to see how high you can get the pile. For instance, I’ve usually got my hands full reviewing one band in one place; […]

PapaSweenBean’s Friday Night – Karaoke Killer – by Liam Sweeny. On the way to Albany and I’m watching the clock on the dash because I got familial commitments and I’ll be damned if I don’t also commit to the one place in the city of tulips that I haven’t been to and feel bad about […]

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