David James Keaton

Top Ten Fake Books – David James Keaton Sometime around last year, I realized I’ve been steadily losing my ability to read due to a decade of rampant, attention-span-destroying internet usage. This became even clearer to me when, for the first time in my life, I found it impossible to come up with a year-end […]

Everything Permitted – Writing Advice(?) – by David James Keaton. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted,” Nietzsche (and then, more importantly, Meat Loaf) said, so at the risk of destroying all credibility right out of the gate, or even worse, running the risk of stating the obvious, the best advice for writers is still ignoring […]

Blood’s A RA Boy and His Dog – Harlan Ellison – Review – by David James Keaton Ever since Harlan Ellison won the 1969 Nebula award for “A Boy and His Dog,” his fast-talking, fast-moving, surprisingly emotional and hugely influential post-apocalyptic ode to his real-life best friend Abu, fans have been desperate for the “whole” […]

Shark Books – Top Ten – by David James Keaton. This, like most Best-Of lists, would be more accurately titled Top Ten Books I Happened to Read, because who are they kidding, right? But in a desperate attempt at one-upmanship, I’m going with Top Ten Books I Happen to Own! I even took a picture of every book on […]

David James Keaton Ruins Fight Club – by David James Keaton. So here’s me ruining a movie for everybody: It’s 1999, and I want my dad, my brother, and my sister to see this hot new movie called Fight Club. Real quick, I’m pretty much a lightweight when it comes to drinking, but one time I did win […]

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