Author: Liam Sweeny

Fall is herre, and as you descend upon the pumpkin spice, apple cider, and hot chocolate, cozy up to the October Digital Edition of Xperience, the art, music, and culture publication of the Capital Region. This month features Supernatural actor Jim Beaver, Dictators’ frontman and founder Andy Shernoff, and Nickpotamus, Rustic Overtones frontman Dave Gutter, […]

Back to school time, and class is on! Featuring Television’s Richard Lloyd, Chef Ric Orlando, podcaster Jimmy Aquino, publisher Johnny Temple, actress Justyna Kostek, author Matt Lowery, guitarist Simon Lees, and more!   Xperience September 2021 Issue – Digital Edition                  

We have quite a selection this month in the August 2021 Issue. Featuring Fusion Drummer Billy Cobham and pianist Linda Gail Lewis, comic book artist John Hebert, filmmaker Tara Rule, DJ Mike the Enforcer, guitarist Bailey Bennett and MORE! Xperience August 2021 Issue – Digital Edition  

As we reach the third anniversary of Radioradiox, we celebrate with the July Issue in Style! Featuring Hip Hop artist K Solo, Blue October’s Will Knaak, Mike Valente, The Dionysus Effect, Senior Living, and Ryder Cooley. Click the pic to download the digital edition (PDF) Xperience July 2021 – Digital Edition  

We’re opening up, and at Xperience, we’re nothing but eager to pitch in! This June, we’re giving you Sly Fox and the Hustlers, Rich Millz, Kristen Capolino, Fenway Organist Josh Kantor, the Proctor Collaborative’s Jim Murphy, Lily, and last but certainly not least, our Local Music Guide! Xperience June 2021 Issue – Digital Edition

Most of the time, musicians, and music, is very people-centered. You have front people with iconic looks and four chords to their name and they become gods. But music, real music, is everywhere. It narrates our lives better than the most seasoned author. And there’s a whole world of music that we don’t realize is […]

Some musicians have so much energy and stage presence that you don’t mind if they’re not the best. And some musicians are so good that you don’t care if the just stand there on stage. But once in a while you get someone who has boundless energy and stage presence, and the absolute talent on […]

If you’re not a musician, it’s hard to explain just how it feels to find the right people to form a band. It’s not quite like needing a group of workers. Because it’s not just a job to be filled. Every prospective band member brings a talent and a sound that can shape the direction […]

When we pull out of our driveways, or peel out from the curbs, we might turn on the radio to guide us through our commutes. And if we’re lucky, we can keep the radio on at work. And we’re not just listening for music; we’re listening for the latest exploits of our friends on the […]

Music carries feeling like wire carries current. It’s all too tempting to believe your music is the best music, because it’s complex or it’s smooth or it has this history or that. But we forget sometimes that the music we love is the music that pushed a speaker when we fell in love or held […]

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