Author: Liam Sweeny

Writing’s tough. I should know. It took me a whole cup of coffee just to write the following interview. But you know who has it worse than writers? Publishers. At best, they’re given treasured flowers they have to grow; at worse, they have acres of weeds to dig through. And if they’re looking for the […]

The leaves have been turning, and in the hills some old sweet lady is churning butter that will, by month’s end, be slathered on some mashed potatoes to the tune of Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant. On the couch, someone will be reading this month’s issue of Xperience, featuring Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld, Baby’s and […]

It is the scariest month of the year, and what could be scarier than the October 2022 Digital Edition of Xperience! Featuring sensation Biully Bragg, legend Bob Riley, and groundbreaker Paul Collins. Happy Halloween! Xperience October 2022 – Digital Edition  

It’s that time of year, folks. School time. Well you know us, we’re always looking to school you on the groovy and the cool! This month features singer/songwriter Sydney Worthley, country star (and Willie Nelson’s granddaughter) Raelyn Nelson, and local drummer extraordinaire Chad Plosse. Xperience September 2022 – Digital Edition  

Featuring the Fleshtones and the Plimsouls. Photos by Timothy Reidy.    

It is August, the dog days of summer, and the mercury in the thermometer is fixin to hump your leg. This issue features metal band FACED, mushroom savant Avery Stempel, and multi-species performer Jason Wolfman Martin. Xperience August 2022 – Digital Edition  

Welcome to July. Here is your suntan lotion and a shot of freon for your AC.And of course, a copy of the July Xperience, featuring Lil’ Baby Suplex, Reggy Steel, and Mark Foster. Enjoy! Xperience July 2022 – Digital Edition  

June is here. Spring will be giving way to summer, but not until seeing the Rye Bread festival. This issue features Northern Resistance, Little Feat, and Greg Allman saxophonist Jay Collins, Husker Du and Bread founder Bob Mould, and DJ to the stars and podcast host DJ Mickey D! Xperience June 2022 – Digital Edition

Al’s seen this before. He’s got a bug-spray business on the other side of the ship. From iHLS Researchers from Hokkaido University in Japan demonstrated that molecular robots can perform cargo delivery by using a swarming strategy, achieving five times the transport efficiency of individual robots. Robot swarms provide robots with capabilities that are not […]

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