Joe Goldberg should go to prison for the rest of his life and be forced to eat nothing but cat food. But he won’t see one bit of Fancy Feast, mainly because he’s the fictional main character in the Netflix series “You.” The long and short? He’s a stalker who murders everyone in the way […]

Al’s seen this before. He’s got a bug-spray business on the other side of the ship. From iHLS Researchers from Hokkaido University in Japan demonstrated that molecular robots can perform cargo delivery by using a swarming strategy, achieving five times the transport efficiency of individual robots. Robot swarms provide robots with capabilities that are not […]

Al looked into this, and can conclusively say that, indeed, it does taste like chicken. From BigThink It’s not like you can make food out of thin air. Well…it turns out you can. A company from Finland, Solar Foods, is planning to bring to market a new protein powder, Solein, made out of CO₂, water […]

Well, not Al’s brain, but he doesn’t hold us against it. From “As an astrophysicist, I am always struck by the fact that even the wildest science-fiction stories tend to be distinctly human in character. No matter how exotic the locale or how unusual the scientific concepts, most science fiction ends up being about […]

Al has determined that table salt doesn’t work, but tastes good on French fries. From Inceptive Mind. Many hot and arid regions of the planet greatly need efficient cooling systems because of climate change, but not every community can access electricity for air conditioning and refrigeration. Therefore, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and […]

Al had a lead apron on, but did you? From The Big Think Every once in a while, a stellar cataclysm occurs in our Universe, bringing the life of a star to an end. The most common type of cataclysm is a core-collapse supernova, where a massive star’s interior implodes, leading to a runaway fusion […]

The Egg in Albany, filled as fans scrambled in, each one, eggcited about seeing Kenny Wayne Shepherd. As I spoke to those waiting for the show, it occurred to me how many of these fans have seen this band before–many times before.  True followers, they came knowing what to eggspect, and they were not disappointed. […]

A Celebration of the Life of Gino Nistico We’re all gonna die.  There will be a gravestone, Date of Birth, DASH, Date of Death.  That DASH, represents your life.  Your family, your friends, your adventures, your sorrows and happiness, they are all in that DASH.  If you are lucky, that DASH means something. After witnessing […]

Friday the 13th- at The Strand Theater in Hudson Falls… The Magic of The Demon was summoned. We were jolted back in time to 1982 In a true to the artist tribute, KISSTORY put on an unbelievably accurate show. Starting with makeup and costumes, (taking 60-90 minutes) all the way to the photos with  fans […]

I popped some frozen pizza rolls in the air fryer for my 9-year-old this afternoon after mowing the lawn. I was a little late making his lunch, but it’s pizza rolls – they won’t ruin his appetite for dinner. I also cut up some fresh pineapple and was we both sat there in silence with […]

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