Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – by Jeff Spaulding. Last time, in celebration of May being Mother’s Day Month, I put the spotlight on my mom. Not being sentimental, if you will, but more to show what a character she was, and how much of an influence she had on my life. […]

Xperience Fiction – “The First” – by Liam Sweeny. Joe Freer always wanted to be the first at everything. This was no small order in an experimental physics lab. But I always had him beat, even if only by a hair. I discovered vacuum energy first; I built the quantum array first; designed a working […]

The Singin Guru – An Xperience Column – by Jeff and Crystal Moore. Dear Singin’ Guru, I have just started singing karaoke, and there are songs that I’d like to sing but I just can’t hit the high notes. I’m a dude by the way. Signed, Wanna Get High Dude Dear Mr. Dude, Here’s the […]

Jukebox. Cyndi Lauper Anyone alive in the eighties knows the name Cyndi Lauper. It was as household as Morton salt. Sadly, she has announced a farewell tour. Known for such hits as “True Colors,” “Time After Time,” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Lauper brought character to a scene that was forever pushing the […]

Prog Digest – An Xperience Column – by Klyde Kadiddlehumper. Progressive … There are so many possible definitions, as a noun or adjective. Most relate to political or governmental action for “improvement.” Neither of these are for discussion in this forum. Hell, these are topics that are mostly off-limits, as you need my perspective (or […]

Show Detective. Friday, June 7th Live & Local at The Linda – Hold On Honeys and Amanda Case, The Linda, Albany, 7:30pm-10pm This month – Hold on Honeys – A folk-influenced acoustic band offering tight-knit harmonies to nourish the soul & invigorate the senses. and Amanda Case! Exciting news for local music fans! WAMC, and […]

Xperience Fiction – Sobriety Checkpoint – by Liam Sweeny. A lot of people are up in arms over sobriety checkpoints. Some of them are busybodies who can’t afford to be kept in a line of cars for that extra ten minutes. Others declare it a boot stomp on their constitutional right to drive. Still others […]

The Bobby Lees – Xperience History – by Joshua Reedy. The original article was printed in August of 2021. The Bobby Lees are an uncompromising garage-rock/punk band from Woodstock, New York. In a recent socially distant interview, the band wrote in to describe their recording process, their new upcoming record, and some interesting encounters at […]

Jukebox. Steve Cropper Steve Cropper was a well-known sessions guitar player for Stax and the guitar player for Booker T. and the MGs. In an interview with Guitar World’s Joe Matera, he reflected on the various guitars that he had used over his time in the music industry, most notably the Fender Squire, then Telecaster, […]

Show Detective. Friday, May 31st Joe Jackson, The Egg, Albany, 8pm Part of the Guest Music Presentations Series Plus the music of Max Champion Joe Jackson was born on August 11 1954 in Burton-on-Trent, England, but grew up in the South Coast naval port city of Portsmouth At age 16 Joe played his first paying […]

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