48 years and still sucking!

Written by on December 20, 2018

Looking back to the 1970’s, it’s funny to think about the terms and slang that was born in those days. “Do me a solid,” “Catch you on the flip side,” or “Take a chill pill.” People took this to a whole new level. Disco and pop were saturating the airwaves and clubs. Not to mention the brainwashed minds of those who believed this was the death of Rock-n-Roll

1970 was a weird time of transition, war, politics and of course music. Rock was thriving & punk was in its birth stage. But there was one obstacle, pop music and or disco. The memories of mom taking us to the lake on that hot summer day and radio playing that horrible song, there are thousands of them. The songs we grew up hating but now loving, and are still sucking.

Radio Radio X will be be spinning and stroking the AM hits of the 70s, good or bad. This new feature is appropriately titled “Sucking In The 70’s”. Coming in January 2019, 5 days a week. RRX will capture the moment with nostalgia, history, facts and most importantly those special songs you loved to hate.

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