Bunnies and Vegatation?

Written by on March 5, 2019

So as we are  preparing for Radio Radio Irish On March 17, we are ready to announce our next specialty show, but should state this first. On Sunday April 21st some will color eggs , eat jelly beans & chocolate.  They will eat so much, it will ooze out their ears.  We here at Radio Radio X regret to inform you that Easter Sunday  we will be running our regularly scheduled programming, aka -24 hours of amazing music!

We did find a need to musically celebrate the day before though!  Over 60 percent or more  of the world celebrate this once a year  or 1-2 times a day, at specific times. April 20 (420)  or  4:20 am , 4:20 pm.  Saturday April 20 Radio radio x takes musical trip for its first time.

Marijuana, also know as, the devil’s lettuce, weed, pot, herb, nug’s, dank, ganja, bloodshot,  reefer, the gate way to great music?  4/20/19 is about to go up in smoke!  Stay tuned for details

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