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Written by on November 13, 2019

‘Tis the season of giving thanks and gratitude for the things that we are most thankful for. Most Americans are thankful for good health, a home to live in, money to survive, and plenty of food to eat and live on for their daily needs.

However, many individuals aren’t as fortunate to have any food in their home to eat. According to Feeding America, over 2.67 million children and adults in New York State are food insecure. More than 13.5% of the state’s population don’t have enough food to meet their basic nutritional needs. There are individuals that reside in Rensselaer County, Saratoga County, Schenectady County, and Albany County don’t qualify for SNAP benefits that would assist them in providing food benefits that they greatly need to purchase food and necessities. Without this, these patrons within the four counties won’t survive.

Bob Gamache originated came up with the idea of “Foodstock”. It would be a bi-yearly benefit event held in March and November at the Rustic Barn Pub in Troy, NY to raise awareness about the need to feed the hungry in the Capital Region. Gamache teamed up with the Rustic Barn Pub, The Food Pantries for the Capital District, and area musicians who helped raise thousands of dollars to go towards The Food Pantries for the Capital District since its inception in 2017. On Sunday, November 3, Gamache hosted the sixth “Foodstock” event. From this event, $1,798.00 was raised and 140 pounds of food was donated towards the cause.

Gamache reached out to area musicians to take part in “Foodstock 6”. It was a fun, entertaining afternoon for those who attended and took part in this successful benefit. Live music was performed by regional musicians and bands who donated their time to be a part of this cause. The entertainment featured “Harry and Alan”, “The Tyes”, “Off the Record”, “Deb Cavanaugh and Dandelion Wine”, “Soul Sky”, “Blues Asylum”, and “The Lawn Sausages”. Host, Johnny Goodman, remained as the MC.

Harry and Alan", featuring Harry Coyle and Alan Okun, opening up "Foodstock 6" at Rustic Barn Pub, Sunday, November 3, 2019

Harry and Alan”, featuring Harry Coyle and Alan Okun, opening up “Foodstock 6” at Rustic Barn Pub, Sunday, November 3, 2019

“Harry and Alan”, featuring the dynamic duo of Harry Coyle and Alan Okun, performed a short set of acoustic classic rock and oldies covers to kick off “Foodstock 6”. Their classic renditions of “Bye, Bye Love” (The Everly Brothers) and “Please, Please Me” (The Beatles) were fantastic and helped showcase their great harmonies heard within each song verse and the strumming of their acoustic guitars.

“The Tyes” followed suit. The group featured musicians, Rudd Young (guitar/vocals), Bob Gamache (guitar/vocals), Shows Leary (bass/vocals), and Israel “Izzy” Singer (drums/vocals). This was the first time that Singer has provided drumming to the group and together, they performed great originals and covers including “I Shall Be Released” (Bob Dylan) and “Lucky in Love”, written by Gamache. It was the strongest set that the group performed in their series of six “Foodstock” benefits to date.

Off The Record" featuring Geo Doody, Bob Resnick, and Joanna Peterson-Palladino-Resnick

Off The Record” featuring Geo Doody, Bob Resnick, and Joanna Peterson-Palladino-Resnick

“Off the Record” set the bar on a strong dancing note as their fans and new listeners got to dance and groove along to their 60’s lounge covers performed by Bob Resnick (drums/vocals), Joanna Peterson-Palladino-Resnick (vocals/percussion), Geo Doody (guitar/vocals), and guest saxophonist, Luke McNamee. This was the second time that the trio performed at “Foodstock” and their set was awesome! Each rendition of these classic tunes was timeless. With the addition of McNamee bringing on the sax solos to “Love Potion #9”, “Angel of the Morning”, and “Bang A Gong”, it brought these tunes new life and the lively crowd moved happily along until the end of their set.

“Deb Cavanaugh and Dandelion Wine” featured band leader Deb Cavanaugh (lead vocals, acoustic guitar/dulcimer), Wayne Chills (guitar/vocals), Leary on bass, and the welcome addition of Tommy Love (drums/vocals). They performed a funky, unique take of “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Bill Withers) that had their audience captivated to the tune, along with many others performed. Their debut with Love on drums showcased one of Love’s many talents and expertise within his musical craft. Love is a talented vocalist and drummer. Later that evening, Love returned to the drum kit to fill in for “Lawn Sausages” drummer, Charlie Clifford, who was unavailable to attend.

“Soul Sky” returned to “Foodstock” to perform a rousing set of originals and covers that had the entire dance floor packed to the brim. A magical moment in their set involved the return of their previous drummer, Josh Bloomfield, who provided great drumming in the band’s rendition of “Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad?” (‘Derek and the Dominoes”) and another cover. It was a special moment to watch Bloomfield take over the kit from Jeff Prescott to perform with his band. Music fans and friends were happy to watch Bloomfield take control once again on the drums. Despite his recent health diagnosis, he continues to be strong and isn’t going down hard without a fight. Music flowed through his veins as he gave it his all to perform at “Foodstock 6”.

Blues Asylum" performing as part of "Foodstock 6" at the Rustic Barn Pub Sunday, November 3, 2019

Blues Asylum” performing as part of “Foodstock 6” at the Rustic Barn Pub Sunday, November 3, 2019

“Blues Asylum”, a new band, made their stage debut at “Foodstock 6”. The new assemble, featuring Greg Nash (drums), Stephanie Proctor (vocals), Mark Richardson (guitar/vocals), and the addition of their pianist/saxophonist and additional guitarist, performed a great set of covers. Proctor’s vocals on “Love and Happiness” (Al Green) and her take on a Tedeschi-Trucks Band cover were fantastic and mixed in with Richardson’s guitar picking and strong vocals, made their set even stronger. Their stage debut was great. The band performed a unique set of covers that other blues acts don’t often cover in their shows. Be on the lookout for them in 2020.

Closing out the event was “The Lawn Sausages” and their set was funny and entertaining. Their costume attire was none other than a red toy fire helmet that each member wore on their heads in tribute to the firemen in the Speigletown Fire Department. Together, Love (drums), along with Art Fredette (vocals), Jimmy Barrett (vocals), John Brierley (bass/vocals), and Paul Hebert (guitar/vocals), brought out their fun tricks into their set of originals as the ever famous, “The Sausage Twist”, “Whacking Away My Tears”, “S*** Faced”, “Pussy Whipped”, and a cover of “Gloria” in which Barrett jumped offstage,  microphone stand and mike in hand, and gave his fans hugs as his fans sang and danced alongside him on the dance floor as the end came near.

Congratulations to Bob Gamache, the bands, The Rustic Barn Pub, and to the Food Pantries for the Capital District for a job well done. The benefit was a success all in thanks to a large turnout of supporters who came out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to show their support for live music and the cause to stop the epidemic of hunger in the Capital Region. Be sure to support The Food Pantries of the Capital District and help the Capital Region fight this epidemic of food insecurity year round.


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