“Around Town with Amy Modesti”: ‘Jam for Josh’ @ The Hangar on The Hudson, 11/17/19

Written by on December 4, 2019

Happy Holidays to my family, friends, and followers. Thank you, readers, for following “Around Town with Amy Modesti”. I am thankful for your friendship, support, and acceptance in what I do personally and creatively.

I’m thankful for good health, family & close friends.  I’m thankful to be surrounded by good people who care for each other and who want to see everyone succeed in what they wish to accomplish. When times get rough, be thankful for the ones who help you get your feet planted on the ground the best way possible. You never know when they will be needed.

Josh Bloomfield. Photo by Amy Modesti.

Josh Bloomfield. Photo by Amy Modesti.

It’s been a few weeks since “Jam For Josh” occurred at The Hangar on the Hudson and the buzz is still going around strong in the music community about how impactful the event was on everyone; from the musicians who poured their hearts out performing all afternoon, the many volunteers who ran the 50/50, collected donations at the door, and helped gather the Chinese auction items to raffle off and drop off to winners post-event, those who donated their time to organize and setup the benefit from start to finish, and to the over 500 plus patrons who showed their love, kindness, and dedication towards a kind soul who has done so much for his music community, his family, and friends; my friend, Josh Bloomfield.

Josh was diagnosed with stage three cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). A Go Fund Me Page has been setup to assist in paying the medical costs for his cancer treatments to help fight off this terrible disease. Josh, who is an exceptional drummer and vocalist for “Soul Sky”, “Right Coast Soul”, and “Soul Serenade”, always pours his heart and soul into his music. And whenever one is in need, he is present to serve his community though music as he does at benefits as the Dustin Mele Memorial Concert, Foodstock, and the CRBN Benefit Bashes. On Sunday, November 17, everyone came out in full force to express their support and love for Josh and his family during this trying time in his life!! What happened at the benefit was truly spectacular, outstanding, and it was one of the best events that I’ve attended and supported in a very long time and it was all for Josh.

It was standing room only inside (and outside) The Hangar for “Jam for Josh”. Although I never ventured outdoors to check out the Chinese auction items or eat food provided by B-Rad’s Bistro, my focus was what was happening indoors. I bounced back and forth to witness plenty of amazing music being performed on two stages setup for the main acts and the musicians who gathered around to play short acoustic sets in between band changeups. The music was non-stop and always entertaining all around. Patrons who purchased 50/50 raffle tickets even donated their money right back to Josh.

The Chris Busone Band and friends. Photo by Amy Modesti.

The Chris Busone Band and friends. Photo by Amy Modesti.

There was nothing but pure love for Josh and the music performed by all involved at the benefit was nothing short of that love. The love that flowed to Josh and the power the musicians had to deliver their best performances yet, was raised to an exceptional height of deliverance.

Every moment, every musical number performed by the bands and a slew of many special guests was exceptional. It would be difficult to pinpoint the magical moments that occurred in between bands and guests, but every moment heard and seen that afternoon was magical. It was music at its finest.

There were moments that indeed stood out to me in many of the musical moments; “The Tradition’s” debut of their new single, “Without Wings”, that Ralph Renna wrote and sang in memory of his mother with the assistance from Tom Atkins, the epic reunion & combination performances of both “Soul Serenade” and “Right Coast Soul” featuring the powerful vocals of Sloan Tash who flew in from California to be involved in this show with his good friend, the epic guitar soloing in a blues number performed by both Chris Busone & Scotty Mac that reached a whole new level in itself in the power and feeling of the blues, Johnny Rabb’s classic, enticing take on The Beatles’ “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” that had everyone grooving, Steve Candlen and company (with assistance from “The Brothers Flynn”, Joe Mele, Todd Hanhurst, Christine and James Kirk, Steve Kirsty, and Luke McNamee) showered their love for Josh with a rousing take of “The House of The Rising Sun” (“The Animals”), and “Super 400’s” superb cover of “The Beatles” ‘Dear Prudence’ had the whole house rockin and watching in awe. Their debut of their latest project, “Family Tree”, featuring the talented drumming of Chad Ploss and Steve Candlen, belted out a riveting cover of “All Along the Watchtower” to end their perfect 10 set.

Soul Sky. Photo by Amy Modesti.

Soul Sky. Photo by Amy Modesti.

“Soul Sky”, with its boatload of special guests and past performers, performed an amazing set. Their covers of two Cream tunes, “Badge” and “Sunshine of Your Love”, with lead vocals from Tash, was the best covers that I ever heard from any cover band, even beating out the covers of the tunes that I had heard “Blue Machine”, “Emerald City”, or any other cover band perform on stage. Josh, who performed with “Soul Serenade” earlier in the show, reunited with “Soul Sky” once again to play drums with his friends who showered him with support. Despite having a cold that day, Josh put his cold aside and played some amazing drums all around with his bands and friends. Members of “The Lawn Sausages”, with guest appearances from Mele, Joe Daley on drums, and guest vocals from Tommy Love, closed out the night with their hilarious tunes that put a smile to everyone’s face.

The positive energy and love felt all afternoon was electrifying. The generosity and dedication from everyone were amazing. Owners and workers from both McGeary’s Irish Pub and the Rustic Barn Pub closed their shops on Sunday to show their love and support for their friend, Josh. There are no other words to describe the outpouring love and support the community felt and gave to Josh that afternoon. It was incredible! It was an event and a moment that you just had to be a part of that afternoon and it was all for Josh.

Positive vibes, healing thoughts, and love continue to shine your way through my heart to yours Josh as you continue this strong fight to beat this cancer out of your system!! Thank you again for being my friend and being a friend to so many others in the Capital Region and beyond. Keep on the good fight with this and continue to heal and shine through your love of drums, music, and live life to its complete fullest.

Please continue to assist Josh with his financial needs and help him fight this battle with cancer by donating to the Go Fund Me page;   https://www.gofundme.com/f/josh-bloomfield-fund . Thank You.


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