Quady Rouse: Be Yourself & Reach Millions

Written by on March 28, 2021

When I watch and listen to Quady Rouse I know there’s more to this cool cat than meets the eye. Watching him act, dance and sing, to the observer it becomes evident that he channels emotion into his craft. Today I have the chance to speak with this modest young up and coming entertainer and hopefully scratch the surface of who he really is and what he’s all about. Ladies and gents I bring you Quady Rouse!

RRX: I became a fan of yours after seeing you act and dance in Peshy Kruger’s short-film music video “Broken Mirror.” Such a powerful message in this song and you really brought the video to life with your dance moves. Then months later I saw an online post of a song that you did and was like okay this is a man of many talents. Tell us a little more about yourself. How did you start?

Photo by DeeJay Brown.

QR: As A kid I would always sit on my couch and rock back and fourth freestyling and rhyming words but at the same time I was always dancing. Around age six I would river dance. I didn’t take lessons it was just something I picked up from TV. Around age eleven, I started taking my dancing more seriously converting to hip-hop dancing. I’d say my style of dance is hip hop just being free and allowing the music to guide you.

RRX: Your dancing style is phenomenal! Did you always combine dancing and singing or did one come before the other?

QR: They both came when I was very young however, I did a lot more dancing, music was always available for me to dance to.

RRX: So unless you age very well, I’m under the assumption that you a fairly young. So this means you have a long career ahead of you. Do you have anyone to help guide you in the right direction? Anyone who helps you calculate your next move? Or are you a D.I.Y. kind of artist, just doing it all on your own?

QR: I’ve always been self-driven to do something positive in the world. As far as mentor guidance aside from my mother raising me, the Equinox Outreach Center kept me off the streets. Some of the programs there helped mold me musically and dance-wise. I also have a few promoters who help keep me going.

RRX: The road ahead is paving it’s way for you but to date what are some of your most proud achievements?

QR: Id have to say releasing my “Love Trials” project late last year (2020) is one of my proudest achievements. Being that I had a vision to stay consistent in creating the project shows me that consistency gets the job done. Another previous achievement I’d say was performing at the Black Expo at the Albany Capital Center for two years straight (2018 & 2019).

RRX: Do you write your own songs? If so where do you get your inspiration?

QR: Yes, I do write my own songs and what inspires me to do so is everyday life. I’ll use a situation that someone is going through good or bad and start to plot my songs or I’ll think of a concept in my head then put the pen to the pad. I also write from personal experiences.

RRX: I usually don’t like asking artists their influences but with you I am truly curious. Your music reminds me of a modern rendition of some greats that would’ve existed in the nineties. Do you dive deep into your elders music collections or does it just come naturally?

QR: Its a bit of both I love 90’s music that time in music just felt right. Even though I was born in the 90’s that era of music inspired me but I’m all about evolving.

RRX: If you could work with any artist in the world who would it be and why?

QR: Its quite a few people but along the lines of Usher and Chris Brown and the reason why is I’m a showman and so are they, putting on a show matters to me.

RRX: Young audiences are bombarded with music that all sounds the same. I enjoy your originality, your positivity and your focus. What is it inside of your soul, your heart or your mind that drives you to be different?

QR: Well as a artist I’ve always been big on being unique, art is expression and I choose to put the real me in my music. Most importantly confidence in believing I can reach a million plus people just being myself. As an individual I’m super ambitious if I have a goal I do everything in my power to accomplish it. I would say my craft is song & dance.

RRX: You took your passions and made it into something creative. Any advice you could lend to other talented young people that could help mold their skills into something they can be proud of? What steps did you take to get as far as you’ve come today?

QR: The best advice I can give to anyone else would be to never give up and stay focused. Try not to seek perfection but look to seek progress day by day. Its not a sprint its a marathon. I got as far as I did because I told myself yes when people told me no. The doubt of others sparked a different kind of drive in me to accomplish anything I set out to do, as well as having a good support system.

RRX: Where would you like to see yourself in, let’s say five years?

QR: In five years I would like to see myself as a very successful musician and touring frequently.

RRX: I know you’re working on new music. Can you tell us a what’s in store for the near future?

QR: Currently I’m creating the plot for a music video for my 2020 single “TENSION” I have a few singles coming out this spring. You can expect some new music!

RRX: Please let everyone know where we can find you online.

QR: You can find me on Instagram @ Quadyrouseofficial at Youtube you can subscribe to Quady Rouse and add me on Facebook @QuadyRouse You can also stream “Love Trials” on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.






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