This past Sunday September 26th The Fleshtones made their triumphant return to The Hangar on the Hudson in Troy, New York.  The Fleshtones do not disappoint. Crowd participation, whether it’s dancing or singing is a must. If you were up front you best know the lyrics because front-man Peter Zaremba will throw the microphone in […]

Troy, NY was popping this past weekend and our friends at Super 400 set off the party Friday night September 24th for the 25th annual Troy Night Out. Hopefully you had a chance to get out yourself and enjoy the last of the decent weather and see not only live music but live music in […]

September 24, 1991, Nirvana puts out an album for which the world would embrace it’s fresh teen-spirited breathe. While we are on the topic of breathing, the baby in the photo needs zero scuba gear but.. the now 30 something year old baby realized he needs more than just that hooked George Washington.  So perhaps […]

  In the fourth show since covid closure, the Hangar was buzzing last night! Things were a bit different than the last time I caught a show there. You had to show proof of vaccine at entry. There were seats in half the room, where before it was all open for dancing, groups, etc. However, […]


It seems like with everything, there’s an establishment, and there’s an anti-establishment. In music, there are huge conglomerate record labels, and there are Indie labels. In the book world, it’s no different. Behind the scenes, you have about five major publishers that dominate your local bookstores, and a wild west of indie publishers. And one […]

Whether it’s a song lyric, a visual motif, a short piece of flash fiction, a movie, or a play, all art tells a story. But whereas almost every form of abovementioned art can be reproduced and spread far and wide, some forms lose something. A live show’s not the same as a recording. But a […]

On Comic News Insider, Jimmy Aquino’s bio starts: Jimmy Aquino is the pretty one.  He wrote that.  Actor, bartender, podcaster on all things Comics, he is an interesting character.  Read on and get to know an interesting renaissance man. RRX: I’m speaking with Jimmy Aquino. He is the host of the Comic News Insider (https://www.comicnewsinsider.com/). […]

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