New Single & Music Video By: Near Tears – Head Gonna Hurt

Written by on August 6, 2021

Justine Dorsey known as Near Tears is from Whittier, CA and we are pleased to be sharing her brand new video with you!

For more on Near Tears visit the website HERE.

About the song:  “You know the moment you decide you’re gonna have the drink that’ll put you over the edge for the night? The drink that, once it’s drunk, you’re in for a wicked hangover the next day? There’s a moment like that in love, when you decide you’re all in, even though you know it’s probably not gonna end well. I wrote this when I was driving out to meet someone I was newly dating and I thought to myself, ‘My head is gonna hurt so bad after this.’ And I went ahead and fell in love anyway.” -Justine Dorsey

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