Chandler Travis Three-O & Paulette Humanbeing – Hangar on the Hudson

Written by on June 15, 2023

The Chandler Travis Three-O is very excited about our first show in Troy in many years next week on Saturday, June 24 at the Hangar – but wait, there’s more!:
A couple years ago, my teensy record company, Iddy Biddy, released “The Many Mood of Paulette Humanbeing”, and at the time, the world snoozed. The good news is that Paulette, who’s from Oakland CA.,  is generously giving the east coast a second chance, as she’s joining some of my cohorts and myself for a brief northeast tour (her first in five years) next week.
Paulette Humanbeing is an absolute original in the Andy Kaufman / Pete Labonne outsider tradition (and I don’t use either of those names lightly), both moving and hilarious. Some of you will already be familiar with Paulette from her rare appearances in Massachusetts; she’s funny, melodic, and peculiar, and she always keeps you on your toes and usually singing along. I had been talking about trying to collect her best stuff for years,  and, damn, I love every speck on “The Many Mood of Paulette Humanbeing” (an inaccurate title, as there’s variety galore here, but what the hell, had to call it something!)
If you need further encouragement, here’s a sample: the classic “Where’s My Horse?”, a song with absolutely no topical comment of any kind, brimming with the kind of blissful ignorance you can’t help tapping your foot to! Also highly recommended from the same album: “Chequessett”, in my opinion one of the most amazing vocal renditions of anything anywhere by anyone, ever.
Sat., June 24- the Chandler Travis Three-O with extremely special guest Paulette Humanbeing at the Hangar (675 River St., Troy, NY; 518 272 9740), 8pm.

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