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Written by on November 25, 2023

Tame the Rooster – by Stephanie J Bartik.

On a chilly November evening in Hoosick Falls, New York, music enthusiasts gathered at Unihog to witness a relatively new band – Tame the Rooster. This seven-piece modern country band, born and bred in the heart of New York’s capital region, treated the audience to a night of musical ecstasy that transcended genres.

The magic began as soon as Tame the Rooster took the stage. The dual vocalists, Michael Richardson and Cailyn Stevens immediately seized the crowd’s attention with their extraordinary voices. Michael, a seasoned musician with a flair for songwriting, guitar, and vocals, and Cailyn, a natural-born performer with astonishing vocal prowess, formed a dynamic duo that set the tone for the evening.

What makes Tame the Rooster stand out is their ability to seamlessly blend various genres into their performance. The audience was taken on a journey that touched upon elements of country, rock, blues, and pop. This fusion of styles not only showcased the band’s versatility but also kept the audience focused, never quite knowing what musical surprise would come next.

Tame The Rooster didn’t just play songs; they crafted an experience. The familiar tunes resonated with the audience, creating a connection that paved the way for the band’s original compositions. It’s a brilliant strategy – giving the fans what they know and love, and then seamlessly introducing them to the band’s own creations.

The ensemble of talented musicians that make up Tame the Rooster is well-rounded. From Jason Ellis, the rhythmic heartbeat on percussion, to Eric Patton, the guitarist delivering celestial solos, each member brought a unique flavor to the musical feast. Dave Morelli, the keyboardist who joins all the other instruments like a beautiful tapestry, Brad Ravenhall’s unwavering skill on bass, Brandon Shaver’s acoustic magic, and behind-the-scenes sound engineer Stephen St. Graves completed the team.

As the night unfolded, it became evident that Tame the Rooster is not just a band – they are a musical force destined for greatness. Their electrifying performance left the audience craving more, and the cheers and applause reverberated in the intimate venue. It’s not often that a band can masterfully blend genres, deliver unforgettable performances, and leave a lasting impression, but Tame the Rooster achieved all that and more.

In an era where original artists strive to build a fan base, Tame the Rooster found the perfect formula – a blend of familiarity and innovation. By giving the audience a taste of the familiar before delving into their own creations, the band not only wowed the crowd at Unihog but undoubtedly gained new fans eager to join them on their musical journey. Tame The Rooster has indeed arrived, and the future of country music looks bright in their capable hands.

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