The BrokenHearted – The Strand – Review, Photos

Written by on November 27, 2023

The BrokenHearted – The Strand – Review, Photos – by Stephanie J Bartik.

The BrokenHearted, a Tom Petty tribute band hailing from the capital area of New York, recently graced the stage at The Strand in Hudson Falls on Friday, November 24th, thanks to E1 PRESENTS. In a landscape where musical acts often compete for attention with various distractions, including the allure of Black Friday shopping, The BrokenHearted managed to draw a vibrant crowd that seemed undeterred by other weekend temptations.

The band comprises seasoned musicians deeply rooted in the local scene. Johnny Clifford takes the helm as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player, delivering spot-on Tom Petty vocals. Accompanying him are Matt Donnelly, an accomplished keyboardist and vocals; James Cappello, the steady hand on bass; and Frank Affinito, whose drumming skills provide the heartbeat to the tunes from a commanding position on the drum riser. Denny Dwyer, a relatively new addition to the band but no stranger to the music scene, adds his phenomenal guitar skills to the mix.

What sets The BrokenHearted apart is their ability to infuse authenticity into every anthem they perform. When Clifford breaks out the harmonica, the audience is transported to the realm of Tom Petty’s music, with an uncanny resemblance that goes beyond mere tribute; it feels like a genuine reincarnation of Petty’s spirit.

Having witnessed this band multiple times, I can attest to their consistent ability to hit the mark. In fact, they were one of the first bands I captured through my lens when I embarked on my journey as a band photographer. However, the performance at The Strand on this particular Friday night felt exceptionally special, with an energy and spark that surpassed even their usual high standards. The fans were quick to pick up on this surge of energy, at times taking over the singing themselves, creating an atmosphere of shared jubilation. It was an honor to be present and witness the magic unfold.

The long day didn’t seem to dampen Johnny Clifford’s spirits, who earlier attended his daughter’s wedding. Perhaps the joy from the earlier celebration carried over, contributing to the extraordinary energy of the evening. Regardless of the source, the band’s performance that night was nothing short of remarkable.

For those who missed the show, fear not. The BrokenHearted is expanding its reach, venturing into the northeast. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates and future performances. Visit The Broken-Hearted for more on The BrokenHearted and
E1 Presents to stay informed about upcoming shows brought to you by E1 PRESENTS. Whether you’re a dedicated Tom Petty fan or simply in search of a memorable musical experience, The BrokenHearted is a band worth keeping tabs on.


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