Jett Screamer – Recovery Sports Grill – Review, Photos

Written by on December 7, 2023

Jett Screamer – Recovery Sports Grill – Review, Photos – by Stephanie J Bartik.

Jett Screamer, took the stage at Recovery Sports Grill, East Greenbush, NY,  on the chilly night of December 1, 2023. Comprising Dave Brennan on drums, Mike Shudt on bass, Frankie Minissale on guitar, and Kevin Brandow as the lead vocalist and guitarist, this quartet delivered a performance that left the audience buzzing with excitement.

One striking aspect of Jett Screamer is the diverse musical backgrounds of its members. Notably, several of them engage in other musical projects and solo work, showcasing their versatility and dedication to their craft. This multifaceted experience undoubtedly contributes to the band’s ability to deliver a dynamic and engaging performance.

If someone wanted to put together a RUSH tribute band featuring these musicians, it wouldn’t be a hard task for them. Given the members’ individual talents and experience, it’s not surprising that they could be the go-to group for such a tribute. Kevin Brandow’s vocal prowess, likened to the legendary Geddy Lee, particularly stands out. His nomination for a Grammy Award in 1999 for the album “God Fixation” with the band Petra only adds to the pedigree of this remarkable vocalist.

The setlist for the evening was nothing short of eclectic, blending classic hits and crowd-pleasers across genres. The band seamlessly transitioned from the iconic “Turn it on Again” to the reggae-infused “Santeria,” and from the rock anthem “Band on the Run” to the alternative favorite “Somebody Told Me.” This diverse selection kept the audience on their feet, creating an electric atmosphere in the intimate venue.

The sheer enthusiasm and talent of Jett Screamer were felt throughout the night, evident in the tightly packed crowd that filled the Sports Grill. Despite the close quarters, the band’s energy resonated with the audience, creating an unforgettable experience. It became apparent that Jett Screamer could easily command a larger venue with their engaging stage presence and musical proficiency.

The second set continued the musical journey, featuring hits like “Sweet Emotion,” “Peace of Mind,” and a range of surprises, including the classic “Suffragette City.” The band’s ability to cover a vast array of songs with precision and style showcased their versatility.

As the night drew to a close, Jett Screamer treated the audience to a selection of encore performances, including “Everlong,” “Drive,” “Hashpipe,” and “Plush.” These added an extra layer of excitement to an already exhilarating evening.

For those who missed the chance to witness Jett Screamer live, the band’s Facebook page ( offers a glimpse into their world and upcoming performances. If the opportunity arises, catching Jett Screamer in action is highly recommended for a musical journey that spans genres and eras, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for their artistry.


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