The Heights – An Xperience Column

Written by on January 7, 2024

The Heights – An Xperience Column – by Joe Barna.

Tis’ the season for many special happenings, self reflection, family gatherings, parties, presents and all that jazz. It’s a time of the year where we attempt to suspend that which chains us down emotionally, mentally and physically. A time of joyful exchanges and laughter among friends. A time when children discover the wonders of the holidays, as they wait in anticipation of what lay up ahead. A time to break that healthy lifestyle and indulge in the acts of consuming tasty baked goods, crafted cocktails or even a special home cooked meal you rarely have the pleasure to devour.

But, it doesn’t have to end…..Let’s talk.

If you’re reading this article then Christmas has passed. The new year is upon us and the in-laws are back home. That doesn’t mean the laughter, healing and joyfulness we experienced during this time need to fade away. It’s important that we strive to keep those warm thoughts with us our entire lives. Not just during designated points throughout the year, but every moment of every day. The mysteries of life are always present, swirling in and around our entire existence. Make each day its own special holiday. Spend time among friends, let your loved ones teach you the importance of the now space and never believe for one moment you are unworthy of the happiness you most desire. Every day is a gift which affords us the chance to learn, grow and share our lives with those we most care for. Don’t waste time on that which is undeserving of your attention. For “time” is the greatest and most overlooked currency we have in this life. Spend it wisely.


I’d like to take a moment and show my gratitude to those who have enriched my life and inspire me to treat each day as its own special holiday. You are the reason I continue to work tirelessly in bringing energy and growth to the upstate NY scene, on and off the bandstand. If not for the love and support of this community I would never have the opportunities I’ve been afforded. My eternal appreciation goes out to each of you.

I’d also like to send a special message to my daughter Savina Jewel Barna. Thank you for teaching me how to be a real man. One that can finally put himself aside long enough to see the beauty that lay directly in front of me. You have shown me the importance of selflessness, always knowing that there exists others much worse off than myself. Your presence in my life has given true purpose and has allowed me to love another human being unconditionally. I love the young lady you are, the one you’re growing into and look forward to watching you blossom into the incredible woman you eventually will be. If it was not for your birth into this realm my life would never have been truly fulfilled.

I Love You

What I’d like to ask those viewing this article…..

Go into 2024 and every year, day, month thereafter knowing you are important. Don’t let the holidays be isolated to a few days a year. Make it everyday of every year for the rest of your lives. Celebrate your existence with an open heart and open mind. Know that you are far better off than some and far worse off than others. It’s ok…Just keep moving forward. If you can love others, love yourself, work hard towards goals and never let anyone stand between yourself and that which you dream the world will show you wonders you might have never thought possible. Believe in yourself deeply enough and witness what unfolds.

Warmest Regards,



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