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Written by on January 9, 2024

Raise Your Hands-a Tribute to Bon Jovi – By Stephanie J Bartik / NY Rockstar Photographer

“I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd 
You’re gonna hear my voice 
When I shout it out loud” -Jon Bon Jovi

If you’re a die-hard Bon Jovi fan or just someone looking for a night of rock nostalgia, Raise Your Hands is the band you need to catch live. Formed in the wake of Bon Jovi’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, Raise Your Hands has quickly become the definitive Bon Jovi tribute band. With only five years under their belt, it’s astonishing how tight and well-rehearsed this group is.

At the helm of Raise Your Hands is TJ, the lead singer who effortlessly channels the essence of Jon Bon Jovi. From his black leather pants to the sleeveless tank, TJ captures the iconic Bon Jovi ‘point’ into the crowd with uncanny accuracy. It’s almost a game for the audience to count how many times he hits that signature move during a performance. But beyond the physical resemblance, it’s TJ’s powerful vocals and seasoned stage presence that truly make Raise Your Hands stand out.

The shows are a testament to the band’s authenticity and fan appeal. Packed with Bon Jovi enthusiasts, the crowd is on its feet, arms waving, and voices singing along to every classic hit. Forget about the seats; they are just glorified coat racks and drink holders because, with Raise Your Hands on stage, the real action is in the standing-room-only section.

Let’s take a closer look at the talented lineup that makes up Raise Your Hands. TJ, the aforementioned lead singer, is a seasoned frontman who has played from the tip of Maine to the Florida Keys. His passion for Bon Jovi is evident in every note he hits. David, a veteran of the New England rock scene, brings the thunder as he takes on the role of Hugh McDonald with finesse.

Nano, the band’s very own Richie Sambora, meticulously recreates Bon Jovi’s signature guitar parts and harmony vocals. A guitarist with an impressive resume, Nano’s skills have taken him all over New England, both on stage and behind the mixing board. Rob, the drummer, is a true student of the instrument, faithfully reproducing the sound and feel of Tico Torres.

Completing the lineup is Chris, a fixture in the Northeast music scene known for his soulful rock piano style and powerful vocals. Whether he’s dialing up authentic synthesizer sounds or arranging complex vocal harmonies, Chris adds an extra layer of musical authenticity to the Raise Your Hands stage show.

For those looking to catch Raise Your Hands live, the best place to stay updated is their website (https://RaiseYourHandsCT.com/) Instagram Raise Your Hands or RaiseYourHands facebook Check it regularly for upcoming shows, and don’t miss the chance to experience the energy and nostalgia of a Bon Jovi concert, courtesy of this incredible tribute band.

SUNDAY, January 14th AT 4 PM

SHOT of POISON and RAISE YOUR HANDS in the Lakehouse Music Hall at Four Seasons by the Lake

Four Seasons By The Lake  · Stafford Springs

Event by Four Seasons By The Lake


Bon Jovi Night at The Strand Theatre!

The Strand Theatre Hudson Falls  · Hudson Falls

Event by Raise Your Hands

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