New And Recently Discovered Tunes To Kick Off 2024

Written by on January 9, 2024

New And Recently Discovered Tunes To Kick Off 2024 by Johnny Mystery.

Happy New Year, Rock N Roll believers. We got some new records to kick things off right and my personal recommendations for some tunes you may have missed or perhaps you just forgot about. That’s okay, no judgements here. I must however get some negative news out of the way. Albany N.Y. club dwellers are sad to learn that Pauly’s Hotel on Central Ave. is closing its doors. This is a venue that did it’s best to bring some great shows into town. For whatever reason, it just was not working out. I played many nights there and it was always a great time. With any luck, someone will do something else with that room and make it right again.

What follows is a list of tunes you should be digging on this year. It’s not a complete list by any means but it’ll get you started.

   Crow Follow – “In Between”  I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Crow Follow this past weekend in Boston. I don’t know where these cats get their inspiration from but I wanna go there. “In Between” has got something mystic about it but at the same time it rocks like mad. How they do this, I don’t know. All I know is it sounds pretty freaking fun. It’s got horns, it’s got gutty guitar work and some weird lyrics. The singer/guitarist looks like a cross between Captain Ahab and a Mennonite. In fact, the whole band has a style all their own. Watch “In Between” and judge for yourself.

The Len Price 3 – “Chinese Burn” Okay,this song goes back a few years but it might as well have been recorded yesterday it rocks so hard. These guys have been a favorite on the indie circuit for a good long time and never lets your ear drums down at a live show. It’s not like this song is gonna take up much of your time either. “Chinese Burn” clocks in at one minute and twenty-three seconds of pure power pop bliss! Put it on at breakfast. It’ll be over before the toast is done.

The Woggles – “Mr.Last Chance/Will O The Wisp”  Holy cats, don’t these guys ever make a bad record? I say nope and that’s all you need to know…. but I’ll say a few things anyway. The Woggles have to be one of the best live bands out there today and they’ve proved it many, many times. This 45 has been burning up the indie airwaves for over two months now. “Mr. Last Chance” is the garage rocker tune we always expect to get from them. Listen to the tone of those guitar fills. “Will O The Wisp” is a bit slower, hypnotic, almost bluesy number. You just can’t go wrong with this record or this band. Highly recommended!!!

  The Shang Hi Lows – “Billy” Billy got a gun and a silver spoon but somehow, it’s a tie into an old west slinger. The music sounds like the soundtrack to a showdown. The lone horn sounds like it’s blaring from far off in the desert. The undertaker is waiting to cart the loser away. The singer might sound a little too much like Debbie Harry for her own good. Does it bother me? The answer would be no because there’s just enough strangeness here to spark my interest.

   Mark Ribler – “Every Picture Tells A Horror Story” You might have been expecting my take on Marks song “Dick Cavett.” That’s the song getting the attention these days. Truth is, I was never much of a Cavett fan and don’t find him very interesting. “Horror Story“ has a better hook, better melody and better lyrics. Not to mention some damn fine guitar lines and a distorted organ driving the whole thing. So many things working together to make it a great tune….

  Lucinda Williams – “Rock N Roll Heart” I fell in love with this woman’s voice the moment I heard her. Talk about a rock n roll heart, this lady has it. With all the things Lucinda has been through lately, she’s still out there. She still loves what she does, and the quality of her music has not suffered at all. In fact, it’s more real, more passionate, more rock and roll than ever. Get this entire album and blast it in the car. LOUD!!!!

  The Rolling Stones – “You’re Driving Me Too Hard” Hello, it’s The Stones, the greatest rock n roll band in the world. Mick is sounding better than ever. Keith plays like nobody else. Ronnie’s got the tasty sounding slide. What else do you need? Add to all this a tour starting in the Spring and these guys are hovering around the age of 80! The Rolling Stones are defying the laws of physics. But they always did that anyway. Good for us….

I would be remiss in forgetting to remind you it’s The River Street Beat Shop’s 20th anniversary this year and they are celebrating with a live band show every month at the shop. Last month was “Off the Record” and it was in a word, great. In January it’s going to be my band, who’s name I won’t mention but many of you already know. It’s going to be Sunday January 14th. Please come and celebrate The Beat Shop with us, twenty years and counting!


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