Week Twenty-Four: Jesse Sample’s Freak of the Week – “Stay”

Written by on June 12, 2024

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This is Jesse Sample. Do you ever feel an impulse to self-destruct? When you’re younger, you might believe the lies that make it not seem like self-destruction. Somebody did this or somebody did that and you respond with self-righteous anger. You might say something awful that shatters any bridge back to connecting with that person.

When you get older, and people start leaving your life through choice, happenstance, or by way of death you might start to come to the realization that true connection with others is hard to come by. You start to become aware of the true stakes at hand. Hauling off and spouting every poisonous word in your mind may help you feel good for a minute. But it’s only a minute. And then you’re left to walk in a world that is that much smaller and less free.

Folks might look at you and say, “Look at that lonely person. I wonder why they couldn’t get it right.” I don’t know the moral of this story. Maybe it’s “Think at least 2 minutes before you say something awful” or “Don’t smash everything around you unless you want to dwell in a world of smashed things.”  For me, the moral of the story is “Yes. Get that poison out. Just don’t unload it on someone else.” This awareness has helped me to keep some relationships intact and like myself more. But even now, that poisonous fruit looks so sweet sometimes.

Thanks to all of you listening on RadioradioX. This is the Freak of the Week, “Stay!”

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