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Again, to brighten your day, we invite you to enjoy the sweet vibes of the Glenn Slingerland Situation, here during out Monday Rebroadcast!  Featuring Ursula 1000, PFM, and Bassnectar.

It is the beginning of spring, which means the rains are about to bring the flowers, and the cast of the Glenn Slingerland Situation is out planting seeds. Along with this week’s slate of Black Pumas, Bill Laswell, and Jeff Beck.

Hey everyone. Welcome back to another Monday, which for us means another rebroadcast of the Glenn Slingerland Situation. This episode comes action-packed with Situation stars and scenes and lest we forget three Easter eggs of incredible music. Enjoy!  

If you know musicians, you might be inclined to think of them as sharks. No, not because of their uncanny ability to smell a good gig in the water from a quarter mile off, but because they have to keep moving. This is probably one of the actual differences between a musician that plays for […]

Liam here. Today, from 1 to 4 p.m., Park Club in Troy hosted the St. Baldrick’s Shave-a-thon, an annual event that helps St. Baldrick’s raise money for childhood cancer research. I did it for the first time this year, letting my hair first grow to enormous proportions as I gathered donations and then took it […]

I have a junk drawer. Everybody does, but mine (and maybe yours) isn’t junk at all, but a collection of my own personal heirlooms, things precious to me but with nowhere else designated to hold them. And in that drawer there is a knife passed down, made by someone whose name I’ll never know. Eric […]

On Saturday, Feb. 29th, we held Rock & Remember, a show/send-off for Robert “Pops” Sweeny, one of our own, who we lost in December. People from all the worlds with which his life intersected were in attendance, and it was a warm, and definitely rocking event. Off the Record performed, followed by The Chris Busone […]

Music essentially started around the campfire. Whether it was to celebrate a full belly, or ward off the dark that could easily bring threats to their lives, our earliest ancestors gathered around a campfire and brought rhythm and melody to productive use. And okay, maybe we just get drunk now and cover bar tunes, but […]

We had a great time on Saturday at our “Rock & Remember” event, where we said goodbye to a friend and colleague, Robert “Pops” Sweeny. Off The Record and The Chris Busone Band killed it all day and into the night, and Johnny Rabb, Luke McNamee and Tommy Love lent their talents to bring a […]

When I first saw St. Baldrick’s, and the people shaving their heads on TV a few years ago, I thought there was some actual Saint Baldrick, and it must’ve been some fraternal thing. After all, I shaved my head with my buddies when one of them was going into the Navy. Of course I’m not […]

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