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Grammy Award-winning guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela have announced today’s premiere of an official music video for “In Between Thoughts…A New World,” featuring exclusive footage filmed earlier this summer on their North American tour and streaming now on YouTube. WATCH “IN BETWEEN THOUGHTS…A NEW WORLD” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO “In Between Thoughts…A New World” serves as […]

The principles of journalism revolve around giving people unbiased news that they need to be an informed citizenry. Soooo glad I’m not a journalist, no matter what anyone tells ya’. Because the lofty heights of true journalistic integrity was walk right past Lino Tomasen with their noses sucking up altitude. Yeah, *that” Lino Tomasen. The […]

Night Beats, Moonwalks, and The Abyssmals played No Fun in Troy on Tuesday, September 12th. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

With Rock and Oddities Con coming in the end of October, we thought we’d pre-game with the band Lock 9. So we had questions. RRX: So let’s get caught up, first. You had an EP released in July, titled, accordingly, “ReLEASE.” I’m listening to one of the tracks on it, “Nowhere.” It’s got a really […]

Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler / The Dream EP  (2011) Review by Joshua Reedy on Blue Cadet-3 A Music Blog My copy: 2022 reissue on magenta vinyl by In The Red Recordings. Twelfth studio album from ever-recording maniacs that make up Thee Oh Sees (or now just Oh Sees), Carrion Crawler / The Dream […]

Comedy superstars the truTV Impractical Jokers and Eric Andre are welcoming the one and only Steve-O and more comedy favorites aboard their upcoming all-star cruise, truTV’s Impractical Jokers x Eric Andre Get Ship Faced. Presented by Sixthman, leaders in festivals at sea for more than two decades, truTV’s Impractical Jokers x Eric Andre Get Ship […]

It’s a bizarro, dystopian nightmare where everyone is forced to wear a chip so that the big bad whoever can track their location in real time. If you ask many Gen-Z people, that’s not such a bad thing. Enter Apple, with Find My Friends, or Life 360. These are tracking apps. They’re like social media […]

SongCity started another season at the next level above The Ruck in Troy on Sunday, September 12th. Peter Anello, Caity Gallagher, Hold On Honeys, and Buggy Jive were performing. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

Dippers interview by Dean Giagni Talk about the differences in making this record with just the two of you versus the four members in Thigh Master: Matt Ford: The way that we’ve approached making the music is different. It used to be four people in a room kind of learning the songs on the spot, […]

TROY, NEW YORK:  Due to circumstances beyond the Music Hall’s control Steve Earle will no longer be able to perform at the October 8th show. Lyle Lovett will now team with Chris Isaak in Conversation and Song! Chris will be making his debut at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall! With over 40 years in music, […]

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