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Prog Digest – a Special Xperience Column – by Klyde Kadiddlehumper. Welcome to an extra special holiday Prog Digest. In its usual timeslot, these musings discuss music – well, nominally. The reins are noted for being very loose and the topics the same. For today’s lesson, boys and girls, we are going to explore a […]

Prog Digest – a Column by Klyde Kadiddlehumper. There are times things just kinda happen.  Little bits and pieces fall together in ways one does not expect. In previous versions of this rather odd missive we have touched on music, on time, on space and things that may, or may not be what is expected.  […]

Prog Digest – by Klyde Kadiddlehumper And then there was the one. And it was good. Time has come up here from time to time.  In the case of music, it is about the most important thing you can have. If you are a science fiction fan, there are as many theories about time as […]

Prog Digest. When sitcoms were sitcoms, Happy Days was mega popular. It was not on my personal list most of the time, but I get it. You know, good old-fashioned American values TV (wonder what that would look like today, but I digress). We love Henry Winkler, he is, by account, a wonderful man and […]

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