Music and songs are more than sounds and words. There are the artists and the personalities behind the creations. One that particularly blew my mind was Jim Morrison of The Doors. In high school I really started getting into music and buying many albums. I bought the Doors eponymous classic first album in 1979. When […]

In years past, modern art was learned in college textbooks and museums. Paul Gauguin, Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, and Georges Seurat painted the development of modern art by means of experimentation and viewing the world under abstract eyes. We continue to break traditional norms of modern art and how it’s represented a century plus […]

The Strand is a beautiful state of the art, historical theatre nestled in the heart of Hudson Falls, New York and on Tuesday November 15th you certainly would’ve wanted to be a face in the crowd, for sure. John Waite returned to the stage with his No Brakes Band and he packed the house as […]

Naughter’s on 5th Ave. in Troy bills itself as a “neighborhood diner” and that’s what it is – kind of.  Sure, they have some of the basics – eggs, home fries, and toast; hotcakes, a cheeseburger, a tuna melt – you would expect to see at any diner, but there is something else going on […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy I was very much looking forward to taking my wife out for a nice dinner last Friday night followed by an enchanted evening at The Egg to see Joan Osborne in concert. Well, she ended up having to watch our grandbaby so I ended up taking Tim Reidy, one of our […]

Ani DiFranco w/ The Righteous Babes Revue: Gracie and Rachel, Holly Miranda  & Jocelyn Mackenzie 11/11/2022 at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall In a music hall, in a city… Ani DiFranco and her Righteous Babe Review captivated a packed house on a rainy Friday night in Troy. The weather didn’t deter her many fans, and […]

Writing’s tough. I should know. It took me a whole cup of coffee just to write the following interview. But you know who has it worse than writers? Publishers. At best, they’re given treasured flowers they have to grow; at worse, they have acres of weeds to dig through. And if they’re looking for the […]

RRX: Well, it’s nice to finally talk to the man behind the jazz scene. JB: I would say I’m the man in front of the jazz scene. RRX: That’s a better way to put it, yeah. JB: I think everybody knows, the cat’s out of the bag. RRX: It is and you are really bringing […]

RRX: Joan, thank you so much for taking the time with me today. We in the Capital Region of New York are very excited that you will be performing at The Egg Performing Arts Center November 11th. What are we to expect from this show? JO: It will be a mixed bag of fan favorites, […]

Photo Credit: Daymon Gardner (Phone Rings) AD: Hey is this Rob? RRX: It is. AD: It’s Ani calling. RRX: I recognize your voice, how are you? AD: I’m good. RRX: I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. I’m excited about talking to you. AD: Aw shucks. You’re in Troy? RRX: Currently, […]

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