Vegfest at Albany’s Capital Center, October 1st. Photography by Timothy Reidy.  

How to finish off September?  How about a show in downtown Albany at the Empire Live?  When we arrived at the show, we were told it was in the downstairs venue aka Empire Underground.  Having never been there before, a quick set of directions and we were on our way.  As the evening progressed toward […]

I’ve enjoyed seeing Victor Wooten ever since I first saw him playing bass with Bela Fleck &  The Flecktones along with his brother Roy “Future Man” Wooten on percussion. This, however, was the first time seeing him with his other two brothers, Joseph on keys and Region guitar. To say Victor is a virtuoso, on […]

RRX: We are here with The Hauntings, if you could pass the mic around and tell everyone who you are and what you do in the band. BR: Thanks for having us Rob. I’m Ben, I sing for the Hauntings. MB: My name is Matt Bastard, I play the drums. DW: I’m Dan Wade, I […]

Wally the Alligator.   Man, these feel good stories, sometimes the idiot media picks a shitty angle and screws up our joy. But I will not have it. Wally the Emotional Support Alligator was NOT, I repeat, NOT barred from Phillies stadium. Yes, a man, Joie Henny, has an emotional support alligator named Walley. He’s […]

HVCC in Troy welcomed Shiri Zorn with George Muscatello and Mauricio Zottarelli on Thursday, September 29th. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

NRBQ played in front of a packed Hangar in Troy on Saturday night, September 30th. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

Michelle Maneri. Perspectives By Stephanie J Bartik A peek into the life of people performing jobs within the local music and arts scene, in non-traditional roles, and how they navigate a realm where traditional roles are often tinted with gender, age, and racial bias. Here, I hope to unveil a narrative of resilience, where they […]

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