Xperience Fiction

Rogers County Weatherman – Xperience Fiction – by Liam Sweeny. Jeb’s wrist was Rogers County’s best weather service. Every time Maggie Dillard and the church group wanted to plan a bake sale in the parking lot of the A&P, She’d call Jeb the day before and ask if they needed tarps and such. When Johnstown […]

Dead Man’s Switch – Xperience Fiction – by Liam Sweeny. Darius grew up on the wrong side of the tracks his father rode tirelessly as a train conductor. Long hours; he’d come home soot-coated and sweaty, those few times he could be home. He had forearms as big as the thighs of a lesser man, […]

Ed Was The Lucky One – Xperience Fiction – by Liam Sweeny.   Ed was the lucky one. It was Ed’s turn to drive the getaway car that Saturday night, as Carl, in his drunken stupor so eloquently reminded him. “Your turn motherf**ker!” he slurred, “Ya’ wanna play, ya’ gotta pay!” Carl’s favorite saying. He […]

Jonas Turley – Xperience Fiction – by Liam Sweeny. Jonas Turley spent his last breath in a frayed easy chair, listening to a vacuum that reverberated with the sounds he grew up to. In the early morning hour, the north wing of the Phoenix had exhausted its revelry, hallway empty except for old Barney Ellis, […]

Xperience Fiction – “The First” – by Liam Sweeny. Joe Freer always wanted to be the first at everything. This was no small order in an experimental physics lab. But I always had him beat, even if only by a hair. I discovered vacuum energy first; I built the quantum array first; designed a working […]

Xperience Fiction – Sobriety Checkpoint – by Liam Sweeny. A lot of people are up in arms over sobriety checkpoints. Some of them are busybodies who can’t afford to be kept in a line of cars for that extra ten minutes. Others declare it a boot stomp on their constitutional right to drive. Still others […]

Xperience Fiction – I Hate Shootin’ the Young’uns – Story by Liam Sweeny. Earl tipped back a Pabst Blue Ribbon as he ran a rod down the barrel of his Winchester .308. They were hunting from the porch of Earl’s tattered shack in the middle of Hicksville, the town name, if not its one-word description. […]

Xperience Fiction – Tough Times – by Liam Sweeny.   A Phoenix Tale   Red, white and blue neon streaked across the bar from the sign in the front window of the Phoenix Hotel lounge. Sam Morrow slumped over his fourth vodka, drowning the din of the joint. He set his weary eyes on Walter, […]

3 AM Grounder – Xperience Fiction – by Liam Sweeny. The blood was frozen to the pavement by the time Jack and Burris got to the scene, a testament to the cold in the valley. It was rare that they’d both pull short straws to cover detectives Innes and Rossi, who were probably toasting the […]

Sawdust – Originally published in Dead Man’s Switch – Xperience Fiction – by Liam Sweeny. Sawdust The grey, rotted wood splintered and cracked beneath their feet as they walked the North Pier. It used to be full of hustle and bustle and bullshit spoken by bourbon-drinking poker players on the ground floors of the many […]

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