Xperience Live, and the Radioradiox Youtube Channel

Written by on April 27, 2019

On the first Thursday night of the month from six p.m. to 9 p.m., you can find me at Radioradiox Studios in Waterford for the Xperience Live show series. We’ve had bands from Bleak Little Duo, Let Go Daylight, CK and the Rising Tide to solo acts like Brittany Robichaud and Murali Coryell (okay, so Murali wasn’t strictly in the Xperience series, and he is a national act, but horseshoes and hand grenades…)

This Thursday, May 2nd, you can find Big Frank and the Bargain Bingers, with special guests The Bottom Feeders. Big Frank’s a great guy and supporter of the show, and wouldn’t it be a birthday gift to him if you showed? (I don’t know when his birthday is, but he has one.)

Yes, you can find me there. If you need a pep talk, or I owe you five bucks, you can go grab it the first Thursday. But I’m telling you this because I’m a hermit. If you know me, you know it’s true. I would order my groceries from Amazon if it wouldn’t cost me a piece of my soul. Yet I’m there every first Thursday. Because it is that good a time.

Xperience Live is a show; yes. Come in, pay five bucks, grab a seat, maybe a table if you’re lucky, and watch one of the most relaxed sets you’ll ever see, no matter who it is. Xperience Live is where singers and bands get to have fun and try stuff that they wouldn’t think of trying out at another gig. We all have fun, and if you’re a local musician that hasn’t stopped by the studio in Waterford, c’mon, seriously – we purposefully do it on Thursdays because it’s not a big gig night, as in get you’re playing butts over and get ready to talk shop.

Because of Xperience Live, and for a few other reasons, we’ve launched the RadioradioX Xperience Live YouTube Channel, which is where the videos in this blog are linking to. Support it, subscribe, show love.

The videos in this blog are just the beginning of what we want to do. We want Albany (and its environs) to be on people’s lips when they talk about the live music scene, just like Austin, Texas is. You want that too; come by on a first Thursday and let us prove it to you.

Here’s the link to the whole channel:


Special thanks to UpSt8MusicFanZone for the great job recording Brittany Robichaud and Let Go Daylight (and others you’re sure to see.)

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