3/5/23 518 Homegrown Review by Shows Leary The Storefront at 344 2nd Street in Troy, NY holds its monthly open mic. Pile on top of that a birthday celebration for the one and only Niki Kaos and the ingredients for a big pile of organic and original jams is on the counter. Matty D holds […]

May the luck of the Irish be upon you this month, and if you have to wonder if you’re Irish, you are. This month, we have filmmaker Spencer Sherry, KISStory bassist Vinny Dawson, and drummer Denise Parent. Enjoy!   Xperience March 2023 – Digital Edition  

I (Rob Smittix) was super excited about the Rye Bread Family Day for a couple of reasons. For one I feel like I was a part of it because Nick Batto hired me to design the poster for the event. I have made fliers and posters for numerous events in the past but this poster […]

Photography by Tim Reidy

It is safe to say, 20 years ago, not many would even dream the vinyl format could be profitable again but there it is. The plastic waffle is outselling compact discs by leaps and bounds. A billion- dollar industry? That’s the word now. The problem is the demand is growing faster than the ability to […]

The August edition of Xperience Monthly is out and I started my day out by helping deliver our magazine to the Center Square area of Albany before heading down to Jennings Landing for Alive at Five. The plan was that I meet up early with Frankie of Mirth Films to do our set up together. […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

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