Smoking Hot Quickie – Hot Lips

Written by on October 11, 2019

RRX:Give us a little history on the band?

HOT LIPS:Karli had been seeking out to pursue a project of her own after years of drumming for various indie metal, industrial and punk projects. After hearing a demo that Karli put out, Keith, a touring and working drummer, immediately met with Karli and they began jamming. Shortly thereafter, Alex came along adding the necessary bass and grit and the band was formed.

RRX:We are all curious on where the name hotlips originated?

HOTLIPS:It came to us after a night of Goldschlager and tabasco. I guess you had to be there.

RRX:What inspires and influences the musical writing process?

RRX:Karli is the principal songwriter. She draws inspiration from a lot of darker themes which surround our daily existence; themes that seem more relevant every day. Some influences of ours that inspire us are IAMX, Wolf Alice, Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke to name a few. 


RRX:What do you bring to your live shows that’s unique?

HOTLIPS:We are a three piece that sounds like a much bigger band. Our sounds are exclusively produced by synths, bass guitar and drums. We’re an engaging live band that brings a lot of energy both visually and sonically


RRX:What does 2020 hold for hotlips?

HOTLIPS:We’re currently planning on touring more extensively in the US and Europe in addition to continually releasing new material.

RRX: What would be a dream tour for the band ?

HOTLIPS: One that hits every continent.




See Toronto’s (Hot Lips)- Live at Unihog Hoosick Falls NY Saturday October 26, 2019 Youtube: Instagram: @hot_lips_music Facebook:

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