Going Chrome-Dome for St. Baldrick’s

Written by on February 25, 2020

When I first saw St. Baldrick’s, and the people shaving their heads on TV a few years ago, I thought there was some actual Saint Baldrick, and it must’ve been some fraternal thing. After all, I shaved my head with my buddies when one of them was going into the Navy. Of course I’m not too sharp on the uptick at a specific point in the morning (between 5:00 a.m. and 5:15 a.m.) and that’s probably when I saw all the commercials.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation supports research into children’s cancer. And I know of one kid that’s been fighting cancer and kicking its ass (#LoganStrong), but I know a lot of people that are grown, including the closest to me, that have battled it, or are battling it, and if those people shaving their heads can help. then I have a few locks to get shorn.

It’s pretty easy. You just sign up, collect some sponsors, and show up at a shaving event. And lose your hear by choice so you can stand together with kids that don’t have a choice but lose their hair. And raise money for a good cause.

So here’s my page for St. Baldrick’s. Donate, sign up, get involved and help us find better treatments for childrens’ cancer – maybe even a cure.


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