Rich Millz: Making Money N’ Music Goes Hand in Hand

Written by on May 28, 2021

Rich Millz has been a staple in the 518 Hip Hop community for years. Today we have the chance to speak with the man directly. Ladies and gents, I bring you the money maker himself, Mr Millz.

RRX: Rich Millz, I love that you use an actual name. I think of all the ridiculous rap names out there. Do you ever think Ice T, Ice Cube or even Q-Tip wish they chose a better rap name?

RM: As of right now they’re millionaires so I’m sure they’re probably cool with it. If they didn’t make it I’m pretty sure they would’ve been second guessing.

RRX: How long have you been rapping?

RM: For a while now. I’m thirty plus so, fifteen years at least. I started writing at thirteen. I want to say that I started recording at the age of sixteen. Before I recorded, my first thing was battle rap. Battle rapping is a whole different sport.

RRX: A good friend of mine was a battle rapper and it seemed as though the opponent was stalking his Facebook page for ammunition.

RM: I’ve been there. Watch what you post man! I’ve been on that side and the other side too. Sometimes all you need is a name and a picture that’s all the motivation you need.

RRX: Are you done with the battles?

RM: I feel battle rapping is timeless. I feel like music is timeless too but as far as Hip Hop for some reason they put an age bracket on us, so before the window closes on me I want to get back in tune musically and in the studio but the same time I’m not gonna lie I felt like battle rap stunted my growth music-wise. With battles it was mainly focused on bars, punchlines and things of that nature. You can bring it into the music but it’s different when you want to make something that’s creative and has substance. I dialed down from the battling and focused… the past three to four years I’ve just been in the studio. I wouldn’t say I’m done though.

RRX: You said you’re in your thirties, so you probably grew up listening to mid-nineties rap?

RM: Yeah and unfortunately, one of my favorite rappers who was in my top five- DMX just passed. Rest in peace, he was an inspiration as far as his storytelling and his aggressiveness. “Slippin’” is one of my favorite songs, very relatable, I feel he was very relatable. I listened to people like DMX, The Lox and Jada Kiss. As far as battle rap, I was into punchlines and bars, so rappers like that who were heavy on bars is what I grew up listening to.

RRX: And we just lost Black Rob too.

RM: It’s crazy man, it’s crazy. Just more motivation for me to want to get into the studio and leave it all out there. You never know, you never know man. When you’re gone the music is timeless even though they won’t be here physically, you can listen to the music and it brings you back to good memories of when they were here. Time is flying. 2020 was a crazy year, I feel like 2021 was kind of a part two.

RRX: I hear you there. Now your slogan is “Money and Music”.

RM: Shot out to my boy, Shawn Lite. It started out just as a mixed tape name, he said “Man you should name the company that.” Back in 2010 I came up with MoneyNMusic as far as an entertainment company. And about five years ago I made it official and got my LLC. Anything from music to clothing is all under the MoneyNMusic umbrella.

RRX: What’s more important money or music?

RM: I think they go hand in hand but money pays the bills. When it comes to this music I think it’s worth it to invest in the studio, pay the extra amount of money for quality music, pay the extra for a good quality video. Invest in yourself, you don’t want to look cheesy, you don’t want to look cheap. You want people to take you seriously, that’s where MoneyNMusic comes from they go hand in hand.

RRX: So, you’ve been spending sometime in the studio.

RM: Yes, shot out to J. Green at Capital Mixers. He takes whatever you’ve got and he brings it up to the next level. This whole batch of music I’ve been recording I’m excited to get it to the people and see the reception.

RRX: Well make sure you make a couple radio friendly songs so I can give you some spins.

RM: Already in the process of doing that actually as we speak.

RRX: Well said. So, when are we to expect new music?

RM: I don’t have a date for sure. I just keep recording until I say you know what? I’m ready. I just got to chop it down to like twelve or fifteen songs. Once you see the first visual, the first video then you’ll know I’m ready to go. The new project is called “Therapy” look out for it, it’ll be on all platforms. I have “Committed” and “Pickup or Delivery” on all platforms now, so go out and stream and support that too!

RRX: There’s just so many artists I listen to in my own time that I can never play. I’d get fired!

RM: I know what you mean it can be a little graphic. I tell people there’s a time and place for everything. You might have to do a party at an old folk’s home sometime, you need something for them too, you need something for everybody. You might want to do a kid’s party, you call yourself an artist, you want to have something for everything. Sometimes it takes growth, sometimes people are just stuck in their ways.

RRX: Yes, being a performer you need to adjust to the audience. But I don’t know about you but I’ve never written a song for the audience.

RM: I feel like if you’re a real person you’ve been through things in life and if you’re able to translate that into music, there’s millions of people that have been through the same sort of thing that you’ve been through. I’m going to put my experience and my truth on paper and on music and I know somebody that’s out there can relate to it. That’s usually how it happens. I don’t think it’s good to be faking things, I rather have five genuine people that really like my music that can relate to it than to have a hundred people that think I’m something that I’m not.

RRX: Any other words for the people?

RM: Everybody who’s an artist or a rapper even if you’re not keep grinding, stay true to it, stay sucker free, stay focused, stay positive and stay productive. There’s a lot of distractions out here but you can get it done if that’s what you really want to do.





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