From Al’s Spaceship: Record-Breaking Supernova Manages to X-Ray the Entire Universe

Written by on April 23, 2022

Al had a lead apron on, but did you?

From The Big Think

Every once in a while, a stellar cataclysm occurs in our Universe, bringing the life of a star to an end. The most common type of cataclysm is a core-collapse supernova, where a massive star’s interior implodes, leading to a runaway fusion reaction and a tremendous explosion, where the energy emitted by the star can briefly shine billions of times brighter than a typical star. And yet, it’s the rarer types of stellar cataclysms — superluminous supernovae, hypernovae, tidal disruptions events, and even more exotic explosions — that can shine brighter than anything else we have observed. Keep reading…

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