Written by on September 2, 2022

Welcome to the new monthly astrology feature. I’m Conscious Medium Brandon Russ and I combine all the tools of the trade for your journey. Connect with me at for events, classes and private readings. 

Mars in Gemini will make intellectual connections and arguments in equal measure. Jupiter in Aries combo makes for a time of volatility and moving forward. I hope you did the work! 

Aries – Are you ready to level up? Like it or not, you are cleaning up. Don’t make it a Tower moment.

Taurus – Use that deep intelligence to problem solve and make that foundation you’ve been planning.

Gemini– Focus on the grand picture. If you dream big, you’ll expand, if you think small and petty, well then… 

Cancer– Challenges ahead, what’s up is down. Time to center and be calculated. Careful not to say too much. 

Leo– Optimism reigns supreme in relationships and career. Great time to enjoy the sun!

Virgo– Negativity will ruin you. Be positive for your own well-being!  

Libra– Do you hear the Eagles playing, “Take it Easy.” Don’t rush, good things coming, don’t over communicate just yet.

Scorpio– You’re gonna love this month! Unexpected advances in just about everything. Enjoy the ride! 

Sagittarius – GREAT MONTH to use that motivation you’ve stored up. Great planet alignment to advance.

Capricorn– Project month!  Your usual emotional stance is in check and boy do you accelerate.

Aquarius – You sometimes have a penchant for the negative, time to focus on the positive, deep intelligent convo.

Pisces – Self-confidence plus planning equals great success. This is the time of the year you can actually plan and execute.

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