Stay Sassy – Chapter 3

Written by on October 30, 2023

Stay Sassy – by Sassy Auburn.


I was hoping that when I was told that journaling could help with my daily/weekly tensions, I would “HA HA!” that shit till the cows came home. (Ever wonder where they went? Sorry, random thought.). I’d be able to say that it did absolutely nothing for me, brush off my hands and walk away with my middle fingers held high. At this point, I can’t do that because I’m still coming here to share the shit that pisses me off. And today is no different. So here I am.

I broke a crown off my tooth this past weekend. Oh, I was not happy. Mainly because a) I have already spent a pretty penny on my smile after years of crappy teeth and b) I know that any discussion that involves the word “dentist” usually ends in several dollar signs. I did call my dentist first thing the following morning and made an appointment to get it repaired. Let me just tell you that it’s a miracle I scheduled an appointment at all. In the past, I would have panic attacks before I even put my car in drive to head to a dentist’s office. That was until I found the dentist I have now. I’ve had too many horror stories from my past cob-job dentists to add to the list. When I found this one, I thanked the heavens. He keeps me relaxed, reduces my pain properly and professionally, and explains everything that will go on—before, during and after. Although the repair seemed simple (to me), my dentist said he could fix it BUT the reason it happened might be more involved at a later date. Fabulous. We will just wait and see if I’m good for a month or a year or more. He did let me know I should “save up” just in case. Oh, here comes those dollar signs!! This is actually a case of time will tell. I will try to prevent anything major from happening like eating dumb shit. I can guarantee I won’t be munching caramel apples or chewing a piece of watermelon Bubbalicious gum any time soon. Do they still make that? Or did I just date myself…

The mini jackhammer in my mouth for the past 40 minutes has caused me to get a migraine. Oh joy. Looks like I’ll grab a med, an ice pack and a dark room and hope this passes quickly. If it irritates me longer than an hour, maybe I’ll do a headstand, get super irritated and call an ex. Bitching someone out is way more distracting than journaling.

Make a note of that… and stay sassy.

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