Jukebox – Music News Cuts – 11/3

Written by on November 3, 2023

Jukebox – Music News Cuts.

10,000 Volts

On February of next year, Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley will be releasing his solo album, 10,000 Volts. It will be released by MNRK Music Group, which used to be called eOne Music. Frehley seems pretty ecstatic over this album, claiming that it’s the greatest solo album he’s ever done. He worked diligently with friend Steve Brown, of Trixter, currently in a group called Rubix Kube.

Frehley said that the collaboration was one of the best h’d ever had, which included reworking a song of Brown’s called ‘Walking On the Moon,’ which would’ve been the album title, had they not recorded ’10,000 Volts’ which came out even more worthy of the album title. Frehley also invited Anton Fig, the drummer from his 1978 solo album along for the ride.

72 year-old Frehley has recently marveled at a creative sure of productivity in his music, allowing him to write five songs in six days.

Way to go, Ace.

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr. Do you know him? Sure you do. He was the guitar player for the band The Smiths, alongside singer Morrisey. Well, you probably know that they parted ways many moons ago, and the prospect of a Smiths reunion is around the corner of Jupiter, so yeah, not happening. But Johnny has not let that stop him in the least. He has collaborated with many artists over the years, from notables such as Billy Bragg to superstar Billie Eilish (well, Bragg’s a superstar too.)

Johnny’s got a photo book/memoir coming out called Marr’s Guitars, and a best-of collection called Spirit Power. So yes, he does self-care too.

The site Brooklyn Vegan put out a great list of collaborations Johnny Marr has done with artists over the years. We don’t cut-and-paste, so we’re going to send you there, all expenses paid. Pack your bootleg recorder… and pack a towel.


MGMT Loss of Life

The band MGMT are celebrating Loss of Life, a debut release with new label Mom+Pop (new for them.) They are trailing off from ten years with Capital Records, and they are starting this new relationship off with a bang. It’s due out February 23rd of next year and will have 10 tracks. It has the band working with producer Patrick Wimberly, assisted by Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never and Brian Burton of Danger Mouse.

First single out came out an Halloween, is called “Mother Nature,” and was accompanied by an animated video from collaborator Jordan Fish.

Loss of Life follows up 2018’s Little Dark Age. You might know this album; during COVID-19, the title track was a massive and durable TikTok hit. Over half a million hits on Spotify a day, and if that wasn’t good enough, it is only their third most streamed track of theirs, behind “Kids” and “Electric Feel” from their 2007 debut, “Oracular Spectacular.”

And… what you’ve been waiting for… The track list for Loss of Life.

Loss of Life (part 2)
Mother Nature
Dancing in Babylon (featuring Christine and the Queens)
People in Tthe Streets
Bubblegum Dog
Nothing To Declare
Nothing Changes
Phradie’s Song
I Wish I Was Joking
Loss of Life

Glenn Hughes Solo Album

Brazilian music journalist Igor Miranda interviewed Deep Purple vocalist and bassist (and supergroup Black Country Communion member) Glenn Hughes about his plans and progress in writing a follow up for his 2016 album “Resonate.” And he had this to say (as studiously transcribed by the site Blabbermouth): “I am preparing to go in the studio next year, sometime in the summer. I’m preparing the songs in the next couple of months. I have a few ideas, and when I go in the studio, I’ll be ready to go.”

This modest answer from Hughes underscores the musical world in which he lives, and his inspiration for songwriting, which he clarifies further in an interview with Iron City Rocks. “I don’t write about politics. I write about the human condition. I write about how are we feeling, what are we going through, are we going to get through this — you know, acceptance, staying in the present moment. This is the big thing for me. People call it woke, awakening, if you will… For me, it’s all about staying present in this moment right now, and I’m writing about that.”

Glenn’s current solo band features Søren Andersen (guitar),Ash Sheehan (drums) and Bob Fridzema (keyboards). The band he had for Resonate featured Søren Andersen on guitars and co-production, Pontus Engborg on drums and Lachy Doley on keyboards, in addition to longtime friend Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hughes was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of Deep Purple in 2016.

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