Winter Fashions – Stay Sassy

Written by on January 21, 2024

Winter Fashions – Stay Sassy – by Sassy Auburn.

‘Tis the season for winter weather and all its cold slop it drops on us. Where I reside however, we have seen a dusting on the ground that only lasted 5 hours. That’s it. Someone made a joke about the state of my state is so bad, even winter moved out. That’s funny stuff. I keep saying February is going to be a mess. We will see. I need to winterize my car and closet just in case I begin to see he calendar getting close to April. Winter will be here. When is anyone’s guess.

Just because winter went MIA doesn’t mean that the season’s runway looks get buried in the glamour graveyard. They will be here and they don’t care what the weather is outside. So get creative and try new applications and sets for your vanity and closet. Using what is fashion forward for the season and the weather.

Start with something simple to start and find what works for you. Just make sure you look for these hot trends starting now:

  1. Reds: All reds are front and center this winter. From cherry red to dark tomato, those reds will be out. So wear them! It has been said that brick shades will be exceptionally hot in makeup, especially heavy lip liner and eye contour colors. I’m a fan of this one and put it at the top of my list. I hated reds till I was convinced that redheads can wear red. For example, brick lips literally go with anything & everything. Don’t be surprised if you find purses, shoes, camis and accessories in all the hot shades of red. I’m so loving this trend.
  2. Winter Accessories in Blue: Jazz up a black peacoat or leather jacket or maybe a white puffer coat with royal, navy or even baby blue add-ons. Try to keep the lighter colors for gloves, scarves and earmuffs the accessory shade for lighter colored coats. Don’t let that make you hesitant to put some navy gloves, a pompom beanie and a sexy tote accent a gorgeous white sherpa ¾ length. Bring out those blues!
  3. Dark Denims: speaking of blue, leave the black jeans in the closet next to the washout bleached jeans. It’s a season of deep dark blue for this winter’s denim trend. New shades and styles might show up, but take it up a notch with dark indigo shades. The current silhouette of choice is straight-leg or wider, but all you really need to do to be on point is pick a look that you like in a blue hue that compliments you.
  4. Teddy Bear Shearling & Faux Fur: I’m so happy. I tell people… now that winter is here? I’ll be cold till the end of April. I’ve been stocking up on sheerling and fleece fashions for awhile, especially since most should be on sale now.. I love long fuzzy tops & fleece hoodies. Perfect warmth and now even more fashionable. Faux fur tote bags, purse bling, makeup bags, bucket hats, the list goes on. Be aware of furry fun accessories. I saw this coming last year so I hit sales. Yay me, yay my closet! A perfect go-together with those deep indigo flared denims too—hint hint.
  5. Combat Boots: HOORAY! Doesn’t matter the weather or temperature, combat boots are on my must-have nearby footwear. I love the comfort of them but I mainly love how I can accessorize my wear-with-anything footwear. I’ll wear bandanas circa 1984, chains circa 1990, clip on flowers circa Blossom. Just make sure they are comfortable. If they are a bit snug or a slight rubbing on a little toe, don’t do it. You want your combat boots to mould your feet. Butter… should feel like butter. Invest in the leather and treat it. It will pay for itself!

I have to say I was pleased with the trends they have announced. I don’t embrace reds well as I think they conflict with my hair. I can definitely find a brick shade that would work. The faux fur is fun in fashion but I think I’m going to go the handbag route and maybe some hair accessories. The extra layers and warmth will get me till summer or 80°, whichever comes first. Now? I’m going to get my blanket and crawl into bed. For a week. Night… and stay sassy!



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