Vixen Lights Up the Strand Theater

Written by on January 22, 2024

Vixen Lights Up the Strand Theater – by Michael Bruce.

Before I get into Vixen in 2023, let’s go back to 1988.  The all-female rock band’s self-titled first album, ‘Vixen’, came out that year and turned a lot of heads.  However, as the story goes, many thought, (in a world full of male rock bands that ruled radio and MTV) how does an all-female band perform, “sounding like the guys”?  Many thought these four gals were just the good looking faces, but didn’t actually play the instruments.  At their early shows, people would gather at the side of the stage studying them to see if these girls really knew how to rock.  Well, you can all shut your dumb pie holes, because it was quickly obvious that original band members Roxy Petrucci, Share Pedersen, Jan Kuehnemund, and Janet Gardner could indeed be pretty faces AND totally rock their instruments!  Vixen had some very good radio and MTV exposure with multiple hit songs off of their first two albums.  They also continued to rock on the road when invited to perform in arenas with such little acts as Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Company, Scorpions, and Bon Jovi.  Does that give you an idea of how well they performed live?  Personally, in 1989, I saw them perform at the Glens Falls Civic Center with Ozzy and White Lion.

Let’s fast forward to The Strand Theater in Hudson Falls, NY on January, 19th 2023.  It’s 35 years later and ‘some’ things have changed.  Roxy Petrucci is the drummer, and is the lone original member.  On guitar you have Britt Lightning.  Lorraine Lewis is the lead vocalist. (Lorraine you may remember as the lead vocalist of Femme Fatale) The bass strings are pounded by Julia Lage.  The very talented Tyson Leslie performs keyboards on stage with the band.  He’s been doing it for years now and is indeed the “5th Vixen”.

There is a lot of band history between 1988 and 2024, but let’s rightfully put the focus on 2024.  This IS Vixen now, and if Roxy Petrucci was a general manager of a football team she would have already won Super Bowls.  Why?  I say this because if I’m not getting all the original members of Vixen, then let me see and hear the best representation of what Vixen is all about.  So like a general manager, Roxy must have a keen eye for looks, personality, talent, and chemistry.  The entire band is gorgeous to look at, their personalities are super fierce yet super friendly, they are all very talented, but above all of that…the four of them have unbelievable chemistry.  All of those things listed are indeed important when putting out a musical band product, but then those pieces must have CHEMISTRY.

From the very second Vixen started their show with the first note of ‘Rev it Up’, it was clear that they were one, they were Vixen, they loved being Vixen, and they were going to carry the legacy of this band on their shoulders for years to come.

It was rockin’, it was fun, it was a party, and Lorraine was the ring leader.  With mic in hand, she not only sang Vixen classic tunes such as ‘Cryin’, ‘How Much Love’, ‘Cruisin’, ‘Not A Minute Too Soon’, ‘Streets In Paradise’, ‘Hellraisers’, ‘I Want You To Rock Me’, ‘Love Made Me’, ‘You Ought to Know By Now’, and ‘Edge Of A Broken Heart’, (and hit home runs if you caught that) but she also addressed the crowd with a we are one attitude.  She got everyone up out of their seats.  Britt and Julia were so much fun to watch and listen to.  They smiled from ear to ear the whole time, and jammed out the tunes with attitude all over the stage.  Vocally, this band is great, and they demonstrated that many times with multiple harmonies being sang.  As for Roxy:  they say a band is only as good as its drummer.  Well, let’s just say then that Vixen is in excellent hands.  If anyone knows me reading this, you know I happen to know to know a few things about drumming.  As much as Roxy is a power house, she is as much smooth, and totally dynamic.  As I mentioned earlier, the chemistry, the performances, and personalities of these four women makes for one hell of a slamming fun rock show.  Let’s also add that the show has a 80s flair totally in check just as it should be.  Because what’s better than 80s style?  Britt also dealt with some amp problems at one point.  Hey Britt, who cares, it’s rock n’ roll, and Roxy covered with a drum solo.

The night started with really good performances by local favorites Margo Macero and Lucid Street.  Make sure to check out their social media as both acts have new music coming out in the near future.

In closing, let me just say Vixen rocks.  An 80s sometimes hard rock, sometimes pop rock group that truly still delivers a great, super fun live show.  Vixen came out, grabbed you, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Be sure to check out their latest new song, ‘Red’.  This is a great catchy song that will be stuck in your head for days.  They performed this, and I believe it’s one of those instant classics.  Thank you Vixen for this great memory.  Also, thank you for spending time with us after the show, and talking to us like we have been friends for years.  I’d like to give a shout out to John Myers of E1 Productions for making this possible.  Please bring them back anytime



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