Roxy Petrucci – Vixen – An Xperience Interview – by Rob Smittix. RRX: What I thought was cool was when you hit me up, I was watching your latest video that you put out not even just a few months ago “Red.” RP: Yeah, we had a blast making that too. RRX: Now, the coolest […]

Vixen Lights Up the Strand Theater – by Michael Bruce. Before I get into Vixen in 2023, let’s go back to 1988.  The all-female rock band’s self-titled first album, ‘Vixen’, came out that year and turned a lot of heads.  However, as the story goes, many thought, (in a world full of male rock bands […]

RRX: So happy that you’re still doing this after all these years and I’m really excited. The Strand is a beautiful theater, very historic. RP: How old is it? it’s been around a long time, right? Because it sounds familiar to me. RRX: I don’t know exactly how long it’s been around but everything is […]

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