2024 Week Four: Jesse Sample’s Freak of the Week – “Some Place Far and Away”

Written by on January 24, 2024

This is Jesse Sample. This week, I present a sonic poem, in the form of an Italian Sonnet, about a safe place in our heads. Sometimes the scramble to have it all can leave us feeling empty and unhappy. Sometimes, a sincere reflection on the weight of the moment can refresh our souls. The past and the future are constructions we’ve made from the thing we’ve collected along the way, but the moment holds all the cards. In the moment, we can shed our failures and surrender our ambitions. In the moment, the casino is a far-off place.
My wife, some friends  and I were making our way across the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico and I set out to wake up early Friday morning to address the project. When I awoke at 6am central time, the little town of Valladolid was alive with thousands of birds about their business. I was a fly on the wall while these early risers moved from tree to tree. I felt relieved to realize this wasn’t about me. I was privy to something way out of my wheelhouse.
I produced my trusty AKG condenser mic and let time go into an avian sea of communication. The birds required nothing of me and would be doing the same thing, if I were in bed. And this knowledge brings me peace.
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