Written by on January 31, 2024

This is Jesse Sample. This week’s song is about what happens when the pursuit of comfort has
adverse effects. This sentiment can be cooked down to a basic analogy. Consider the Great
American Lasagna. It is one of the truly refined specimens of comfort food. She needs no
advertising. The sight and smell are sufficient to lure dieters into the meaty craigs of broken
promises. But unlike any siren, she delivers on her promise with her taste. And as is the way,
she is often formed from the loving hands of a mother or perhaps a favorite aunt. Before you
know it, an afternoon has slipped away, and you are in and out of dozing on your great
grandmother’s sofa.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, even as we try to navigate our wills amidst the tempest
generated by this Marinara temptress. Leo Tolstoy was not watching Netflix out of the corner of
his eye when he was generating War and Peace. Ludwig Van Beethoven didn’t have the meat
sweats when he was forming the divine architecture of his ninth symphony. Van Gogh didn’t
sketch the hands of the peasants between bites of lobster mac n cheese.

This analogy can be scaled up as needed.
An engaged life requires restraint, and I struggle with that. And this song, is a punk rock prayer
for myself, to push back against that second helping of lasagna and pursue my best life.

Thank you, to all of you tuned into RadioRadioX.

This is the Freak of the Week,

I think I let myself get comfortable
I’m sleeping whole days through
Why I gotta wait for everything to go and fall apart
Before I know what to do
Verse 1
Too much baked ziti while I Netflix and chill
Too many Bacon-ators, behind the wheel
I think I gotta get back to my roots
And get back to jogging in my cool blue track suit
Too many cigarettes, too many beers
Too many nightclubs where people are weird
Think I need to get back with my friends
And write out songs with our papers and pen

Verse 2
Too distraction with shit that is dumb
Too many televisions making me numb
I think its time that I turn off the noise
And spike the volume and break out the joy
All this comfort, is starting to hurt
I’m going broke, just to pay for the perks
I think I need to go back to where I I’m from
When I was hungry and out on the run

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