Show Detective – Weekend Shows – 5/24 – 5/26

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Show Detective.

Friday, May 24th

107.7 GNA presents Parker McCollum, SPAC, Saratoga Springs, 7:30pm

DJ TOAST 35th Anniversary show with: Smif-N-Wesson, Empire Underground, Albany

El Gant, DJ C, Nyce

The Fleetwood Mac Experience, Cohoes Music Hall, Cohoes, 7:30pm-10pm

An evening with The Fleetwood Mac Experience brings you back to that classic concert era in music where rock ruled the stage and left the crowds wanting more!! The Fleetwood Mac Experience plays the very best of Fleetwood Mac throughout the United States and Canada.

The Eleven Presents: Dysfunktone (FREE SHOW), Lark Hall, Albany, 8pm-11:30pm

Dysfunktone formed in 2015, in a garage in East Rockaway, New York. That has evolved over time into a full-fledged progressive jam-funk outfit that pushes the boundaries of genre and sound as far as it can go.

Dysfunktone is best known for its complex musical arrangements, slick dynamic changes and ability to weave extended improvisational sequences into any song in the catalog — the band’s unique interpretations of the music of their many various influences.

With a strong desire to spread their Long Island sound, Dysfunktone has toured all over the Northeast; sharing the stage with artists such as Dopapod, TAUK, Lespecial, Magic Beans, Dirtwire, Kitchen Dwellers, Zach Nugent, Consider the Source, and many more.

Marc Ford w/ Sly Fox and The Hustlers, Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, 9pm-12am

Marc Ford has enjoyed a strong recent resurgence supporting his deep solo catalog. Besides Marc’s distinguished career starting with Burning Tree being signed to Epic Records in 1989, to playing with the likes of The Black Crowes, Ben Harper, Gov’t Mule, Booker T. Jones, Blue Floyd, The Blind Boys of Alabama and most recently Lucinda Williams to name a few, he has been releasing albums of his own material for over 20 years. Marc has joined forces with a highly accomplished rhythm section. Phil Jones (drums) has played extensively with Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, and Johnny Rivers, among others. Jim Wilson (bass) has been playing with multi-Grammy Award winner Daniel Lanois for over 20 years.

Sunburned Hand of the Man / Moundabout (Ireland) / Jason “Wolfman” Martin, No Fun, Troy, 7pm-11pm

From “Bar People.”

Friday – 10PM at Peddlers Bar & BIstro – Al Bruno

Friday – 10PM at Saratoga Comedy Works – Open Mic

Friday – 5:30PM at Bootleggers – Dan Sherwin

Friday – 5PM at Dancing Grain – K&O Duo

Friday – 5PM -at Frog Alley Brewing – Patrick Sharrow

Friday – 5PM at Helderberg Mountain Brewery – The Bluestones

Friday – 5PM at S&S Farm Brewery – The Beaks

Friday – 5PM at Wishing Well – Rob Aronstein

Friday – 6:30PM at Artisanal Brew Works – Jo Henley

Friday – 6:30PM at Diamond Club – Tim Ortiz

Friday – 6:30PM at Other One Brewery – Don Ferlazzo

Friday – 6PM – at Wolf Hollow Brewing – Red Haired Strangers

Friday – 6PM at 30 Park – Russ Kennedy

Friday – 6PM at 677 Prime – Tyler Giroux

Friday – 6PM at Carsons Woodside Tavern – Grand Central Station

Friday – 6PM at Henry’s Tavern – Jeff Brisbin

Friday – 6PM at Hill Street Tavern – The Tradition

Friday – 6PM at Inn at Saratoga – John Terleckey

Friday – 6PM at Mouzon House – Rob Lindquist Trio

Friday – 6PM at Powers Pub – Rob Fleming

Friday – 6PM at Prime at Saratoga National – Chris Dollard

Friday – 6PM at Saratoga Winery – North & South Dakota’s

Friday – 6PM at Spa City Tap & Barrel – BJ Fitzgerald

Friday – 6PM at The Bunker at Mohawk Harbor – Travis Rockenstire

Friday – 6PM at The Bunker Clifton Park – Sean Lyons

Friday – 6PM at The Bunker North Greenbush – Large Farva

Friday – 6PM at The Bunker Saratoga – Kyle Loucks

Friday – 6PM at The Scarlet Knife – Pat Decker

Friday – 6PM at Thirsty Owl – Matt Cosgrove

Friday – 7:30PM at Cock & Bull Restaurant – The Brass Machine

Friday – 7PM at Bourbon Room – Brendan Dailey

Friday – 7pm at Bye I Brewery – Calvin & Jenny

Friday – 7PM at Dock Browns – The Refrigerators

Friday – 7PM at Druthers Clifton Park – David Bengle & The Radio Junkies

Friday – 7PM at Finnigans on the Lake – Stretch Duo

Friday – 7PM at Joes Joint – Mr. E Band

Friday – 7PM at Kraverie – 18 Strings Of Trouble

Friday – 7PM at Kris’s Mid City Tavern – Berkstar

Friday – 7PM at Norte Azul Cantina – TBD

Friday – 7PM at O’Slattery’s – Jack Kelle

Friday – 7PM at O’Slattery’s – POGO

Friday – 7PM at Panza’s – Christine Spero

Friday – 7PM at Peddlers Bar & Bistro – North Allen Duo

Friday – 7PM at Principessa Elana – Jeff Walton

Friday – 7PM at Quarters – Natalie Kurgen

Friday – 7PM at The Hollow – Seize Atlantis & Sydney Worthley

Friday – 7PM at Wicked Eatery – The Accents

Friday – 8:30PM at Frog Alley Brewing – Monkberry

Friday – 8PM at 9 Maple – Matt Niedblaski Quartet

Friday – 8PM at Caffe Lena – Slambovian Circus Of Dreams Trio

Friday – 8PM at Druthers Saratoga – The Wallies

Friday – 8PM at Electric Grinch – IMI Band

Friday – 8PM at Nanola – Hammerhead Horns

Friday – 8PM at Rookies Sports Bar – Harmonic Duo

Friday – 8PM at Saratoga City Tavern – Mike Levan & Vinnie

Friday – 8PM at The Misfit – DJ EXPD

Friday – 8PM at Twisted Fiddler – Kyland

Friday – 9PM at Centre St Pub – Rhythm Pilots

Friday – 9PM at Ice House – The Coverups

Friday – 9PM at Night Owl – DJ John James & DJ Tomb

Friday – 9PM at Putnam Place – Marc Ford & Sly Fox and The Hustlers

Friday – 9PM at Spa City Tap & Barrel – The Attic’s

Friday – 9PM at Van Slycks at Rivers Casino – HiJacked

Friday – 9PM at Vapor – DJ Stantastic

Friday -6PM at Eleven at Lark Hall – DisFunkTone

Friday -6PM at Real McCoy Brewery Delmar – Head Bump

Friday -6pm -Sunset Sips at Rivers Casino – DJ MixItUp

Saturday, May 25th

Manticore – The Tribute to ELP, The Linda, Albany, 8pm-11pm

Manticore – the tribute to Emerson Lake & Palmer recreates the original sound of ELP live on stage and delivers a uniquely dynamic and bombastic performance that you won’t soon forget. There are less than a handful of ELP tributes in the world, due to the complexity and difficulty of the music and Manticore is the best there is.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Brain Salad Surgery album and Manticore will be performing hits from this album, as well as traditional favorites like Lucky Man, Fanfare For The Common Man, Tarkus and more.

“Guaranteed to blow your head apart….you gotta see the show!”

The Beach Boys, SPAC, Saratoga Springs, 7:30pm

For more than six decades, The Beach Boys’ music has been an indelible part of American history. Their brilliant harmonies conveyed simple truths through sophisticated, pioneering musical arrangements. The Beach Boys transcended their music and have come to represent Californian culture. They provided fans around the world with a passport to experience love, youthful exuberance, and surf culture. Founded in Hawthorne, California in 1961, The Beach Boys were originally comprised of the three teenaged Wilson brothers: Brian, Carl, and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and school friend Al Jardine. The Beach Boys signed with Capitol Records in July 1962 and released their first album, Surfin’ Safari, that same year.

DJ King Bully, Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs

Legacy (R&B), Lost and Found, Albany, 9:30pm

Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 / Safety Meeting / Vavavoodoos, No Fun, Troy, 7pm-11pm

From “Bar People.”

Saturday – 2PM at Artisanal Brew Works – Completely Different

Saturday – 2PM at Schnectady Civic Playhouse – Jenna Sue , Patrick Sharrow , Kythre

Saturday – 4PM at Helderberg Mountain Brewery – Geezer

Saturday – 4PM at Unified Beer Works – Sydney Worthley & Lucas Garrett

Saturday – 5:30PM at The Wishing Well – Noreen Pratt

Saturday – 5PM at Artisanal Brew Works – Bennett Brothers

Saturday – 5PM at Frog Alley Brewing – Chuck Ayers

Saturday – 6:30PM at Diamond Club – Chris Dollard

Saturday – 6:30PM at Panza’s – Bobbie Van Detta

Saturday – 6PM – Mouzon House – Joe Gitto & Dave Lawrence

Saturday – 6PM at 30 Park – Jenna Sue

Saturday – 6PM at 677 Prime – Franklin Micare

Saturday – 6PM at Carsons Woodside Tavern – Up The River

Saturday – 6PM at Finnigans on the Lake – Joe Severino

Saturday – 6PM at Inn at Saratoga – Juniper & Steve Zucchini

Saturday – 6PM at Play By Play Sports – Joe Severino

Saturday – 6PM at Powers Pub – Orphans Of Wally

Saturday – 6PM at Prime at Saratoga National – Jacksland

Saturday – 6PM at Ravenswood – Frankie Lessard

Saturday – 6PM at Real McCoy Brewery Delmar – Act Your Age

Saturday – 6PM at Spa City Tap & Barrel – Megan & Ryan

Saturday – 6PM at Stella’s Pasta Bar & Bistro – Michael Benedict Jazz Vibes

Saturday – 6PM at Sunset Sips Rivers Casino – DJ Mix It Up NY

Saturday – 6PM at The Bunker at Mohawk Harbor – Diva & The Dirty Boys

Saturday – 6PM at The Bunker North Greenbush – Diva & The Dirty Boys

Saturday – 6PM at The Scarlet Knife – Anthony Cubbage

Saturday – 6PM at Thirsty Owl – Steve Candlen

Saturday – 6PM at Wolf Hollow Brewing – Insolent Willies

Saturday – 6PM Galley Bar – Guys Our Age

Saturday – 7:30PM at Prinicpessa Elena – On Tap Duo

Saturday – 7:30PM at Wicked Eatery – Big Sky Country

Saturday – 7PM at Bourbon Room – Luke Pavlus

Saturday – 7PM at Dock Browns Tavern – EB JEB

Saturday – 7PM at Kraverie – Jillian Smith Trio

Saturday – 7PM at Quarters – Old Soul Trio

Saturday – 7pm at Saratoga Wine Bar – Andy Iorio

Saturday – 7PM at The Bunker Saratoga – DJ Tomb

Saturday – 8:30pm at Frog Alley Brewing – Tommy V Live

Saturday – 8PM at 9 Maple – John Savage Quartet

Saturday – 8PM at Caffe Lena – Sawyer Fredricks

Saturday – 8PM at Dancing Grain – Boston Comedy Club

Saturday – 8PM at Druthers Saratoga – Pat Decker

Saturday – 8PM at Parting Glass – Kilashandra

Saturday – 8pm at Putnam Place – DJ King Bully

Saturday – 8PM at The Ice House – Mischief

Saturday – 8PM at The Linda – Manticore

Saturday – 9PM – at Night Owl – DJ Jason Smith

Saturday – 9PM at Caroline St. Pub – Hit n Run

Saturday – 9PM at Centre St. Pub – The Coverups

Saturday – 9PM at Nanola- Twilight Drive

Saturday – 9PM at Saratoga City Tavern – Stereosonic

Saturday – 9PM at Spa City Tap & Barrel – Hit n Run

Saturday – 9PM at Van Slycks at Rivers Casino – TS Ensemble

Saturday 10pm At Peddlers Bar & Bistro – Al Bruno

Saturday -7PM at Druthers Saratoga – Sugar Pill

Saturday -8pm at Misfit – DJ EXPD

Sunday, May 26th

Khruangbin, SPAC, Saratoga Springs, 8pm

Smash Into Pieces – Manifest Tour, Empire Live, Albany, 7pm

Versus Me

Keep Flying & Don’t Panic: Together Again At Last!, Empire Underground, Albany, 6:30pm

From “Bar People.”

Sunday – 10:30AM at The Scarlet Knife – Erin Powers

Sunday – 10:30AM at Wheatfields Clifton Park – Andy Iorio

Sunday – 3:30Pm at Hank Hudson Brewing – Marcus Ruggiero

Sunday – 3PM at Druthers Saratoga – Steve Candlen

Sunday – 3PM at Wicked Eatery – Jukebox Rebellion

Sunday – 4PM at Carsons Woodside Tavern – The Ultimates

Sunday – 7PM – at Dock Browns Tavern – Legacy

Sunday – 7PM at Caffe Lena – Sawyer Fredericks

Sunday – 7PM at Moon &River Cafe – Open Mic

Sunday – 7Pm at Putnam Place – Latin Night

Sunday -5PM at Frog Alley Brewing – POGO

Sunday- 8PM at The LInda- Dram

Sunday-7:30pm at McGeary’s Irish Pub- Capital Region Blues Network Jam

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