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Brian Kane – Patrick’s Pub in Watervliet. Friday Feb. 18th  

Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Slinger, Willie Nile made a stop to WAMC’s Linda Norris Auditorium on a cold, winter night for the umpteenth time.  Neither he, nor General Manager Peter Hughes, seemed sure how many times he’s appeared at one of his regular stops, but one of the photos adorning the walls of the venue is his, looking […]

These are the pics from the TV Doctors at Rare Form Brewing Company back on 1/7.  Their next shows are 2/26 at No Fun and 3/19 back at Rare Form. All part of the Super Dark Collective promotions!  

New year, new you… maybe. But there’s definitely a new edition of Xperience Monthly to kick off the new year. With performer Tim Gant, drummer/songwriter Steve Candlen, Designer Corey Aldrich and so much more! Xperience January 2022 – Digital Edition

From where I sit, many, but not all people feel the COVID crisis appears to be over (depends on who you talk to, me, I got both my shots so I feel fine), and here’s hoping your ongoing summer plans don’t take a “variant” turn and get all screwed up again. Let’s focus on the […]

Justine Dorsey known as Near Tears is from Whittier, CA and we are pleased to be sharing her brand new video with you! For more on Near Tears visit the website HERE. About the song:  “You know the moment you decide you’re gonna have the drink that’ll put you over the edge for the night? […]

I went to Troy today.  I am not  “Trojan”, nor am I part of the “Troyalty”.  I am an outsider. I have been there before, many times, but I am still a visitor.  I know Troy has some problems, as many small cities do…But what I saw today was dancing in the streets, people smiling, […]

A big thing happened to me a couple of months ago. You know what I did? I went back to work. Okay so there’s not a lot of pomp and circumstance involved but trust… for me it was a BIG DEAL! I hadn’t been back to my job as a tattoo shop manager since December […]

Hi once again, hope you, like me, are enjoying the (slow but sure) return of freedom and normalcy.  That’s not the topic, just wanted to say it for a “Yay Us” moment. In reality, it’s celebration time! Three years of RadioradioX, and well over two years of this publication. Not to mention RadioSoulX in that […]

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