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This video came out a year ago. Did anyone miss out on The new Smashing Pumpkins? If so here ya go! “As The Crow Flies”: The Smashing Pumpkins’ first episode of the five-part animated series, In Ashes, and official video for “The Colour Of Love.” Written and created by William Patrick Corgan.

REMINDER: The Chandler Travis Duo will be performing at Jim Barrett’s Kaleidoscope CELEBRATION as he enters his 55th year on the air. Appearances by Off The Record Trio, Chris Busone Band, The Chandler Travis Duo , Soul Sky and special guests including the Lawn Sausages, Luke McNamee, Johnny Rabb, and More. September 10th at 6pm at […]

 Holy Locust – Empty Bowl Recorded in New Orleans in January of 2020.  Banjo – Aydin Sabala Accordion – Jeff Sevier Fiddle – Noah James Cello – Kate Elko Bass – Bob Ayo Guitar – Summer Newman

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